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God clarifies and Reveals

December 31st, 2016

God clarifies and Reveals

Ecclesiastes 7:24 (KJB)   That which is far off, and exceeding deep, who can find it out?

Mankind often likes to rely upon his own strength and power to reason and understand spiritual things of God.  The harder man tries to find explanations for events and seasons of life that he can hang his hat on often the further the truth of God eludes from his grasp.

Mankind often creates a big black hole or void in his life by trying to reason everything to coincide with the limited knowledge and understanding found upon this earth.  Things of God are not always presented as objects that can be touched, seen, heard, or felt.  Things of God are supernatural in nature and often can only be explained through exercising one’s faith in God.  Expecting to “nail an exact or Scientific reasoning to the wall” for every situation and event in our lives can leave man feeling empty and tossed about in this world.

Placing faith in the power and strength of God allows Him to work in all the particulars of our life.  God delves into our minutes, hours, days, and years as we intently focus on pleasing Him by following the direction of His will for our life.  A heart-felt desire to follow God’s plan for our life brings us closer in fellowship with Him.  This “spiritual comradery” clears up deep waters to shine a light upon or reveal God’s plan and His individual blueprint for our lives.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearGet yourself genuinely closer in fellowship with God to clear up any lingering doubts or confusion swirling about your life as you sojourn in this world.  Only God can make sense of misperceptions and confusion established in this world.

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