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God Covers Man in His Righteousness

Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them. (Genesis 3:21 KJV)


God dressed Adam and Eve in His righteousness covering their sin laden darkened spiritual condition illuminated in their own eye gate showing both their spiritual and physical bare nakedness.  This uncovering was the result of their nature being twisted or bent away from the righteousness God through their choice to eat of the fruit of the tree God had forbidden them from consuming inside the Garden of Eden.

Their response to being uncloaked was immediately apparent; both to them and to God. Their sin nature placed distance in fellowship between them and God as their nakedness became instantly brazenly shameful to both Adam and Eve.  This triggered both to attempt to conceal their sudden darkened spiritual nature and their apparent physical nakedness.

And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons. (Genesis 3:7 KJV)


The Bible tells us Adam and Eve worked to cover themselves with readily available fig leaves in hopes of providing concealment for their blatant sinful condition.  Their attempt to cloak themselves was utterly insufficient as they were both left undone, exposed, physically naked and spiritually raw, prevailing outside the particular spiritual parameters necessary for having close personal fellowship with God.

Eve began this spiritual unraveling by living in a state of spiritual inadequacy, left spiritually unprotected and vulnerable as she operated on a day to day basis living apart from the protection of God’s holy armor as she entered into dangerous territory conversing with satan one day in the garden.  Satan easily lead her astray by questioning God’s spoken words by asking her “Hath God said…”  Eve’s recollection of exactly what God had spoken and commanded of them was muddled or mixed up, causing Eve to twist her remembrance of God’s exact commandment, leading her to make an “off the cuff” or spiritually unwise choice to partake of the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge at the insistent urging of satan who beguilingly tempted her vanity and pride into believing God had was withholding good things from her she deserved.

God had clearly commanded both Adam and Eve not to partake or consume the fruit of this tree for their spiritual safety and security, knowing it would bring certain destruction to their fellowship with Him as it would open their eyes to the darkness existing in this world, but Adam likewise followed suit with Eve by shortly thereafter also consuming this forbidden fruit despite he being intimately familiar with what God had commanded.  Adam also set foot on the god of this world’s crooked pathway like Eve had before him.

Adam was given by God the responsibility of the spiritual welfare of both Eve and himself as the head of his family before God.  Both had gravely failed to hide God’s spoken word in their hearts providing a certain spiritual safety net along with comfort, peace, and protection in crucial spiritual impasses such as this clever trap from satan that Eve easily fell into as she unknowingly entering into this dangerous area through what seemed like a short harmless conversation with satan.  However, head to head combat with satan and his dark minions such as this, happens in every corner and pathway of the spiritual realm in this world, even among the beautiful confines of this lush garden paradise God had created for them.

Adam and Eve were both served a heaping dose of spiritual desperation with grave consequences for their willing choice to sin.  Shame and sorrow weighted them down as they tried to hide their deplorable circumstances from the eyes of God.  He called out to them asking “where art thou…” They were unable to avoid a personal confrontation with the holiness of God.  He cannot have communion with darkness and the evil nature of sin.  They had both taken on the dark sin nature of the god of this world as sin entered mankind through the fall of Adam man is created in the image of Adam, rather than being formed as Adam was with the perfection and holiness of God dwelling within him.  Mankind is now born by from physical birth with a darkened spiritual nature with a sin filled heart condition rather than having the perfection and holiness of God.

Praise the Lord God did not leave mankind to rot and waste away in this utterly deprived or spiritually dark and destitute condition at birth, but through faith made a way of escape, sending His only Son Jesus Christ to shed His precious blood so that whosoever places faith in the finished work of the cross of Calvary is covered in God’s righteousness now and forevermore in eternity.

When God looks at mankind, who has placed faith in the finished work of His Son, God sees them as covered in the shed blood of Jesus Christ and made positionally clean rather than covered in sin and shame. His holy covering for sin, pictured by the skins of animals God used to Cover Adam and Eve in the Old Testament through shed blood, is possible in the New Testament once for all sin through the finished work of Jesus Christ upon the cross.  It is never accomplished through any works of man, including the insufficient works of Adam and Eve who labored unsuccessfully to cover themselves with fig leaves in the garden.

The process of putting on or being covered in God’s righteousness changes man’s inward spiritual heart condition working its way outward to alter man’s physical covering as man desires to cover himself only with things which are pleasing to God, bringing all the honor and glory to Him, rather than pleasing self.  Pleasing self is rooted in natural fleshly desires of the god of this world rather than based upon the righteousness of God.

The only way mankind can be covered with God’s righteousness, both inwardly and outwardly, always begins as an inner work on the spiritual health and condition of his heart.

The Bible tells us:

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23 KJV)


The natural born man will not have righteousness and virtue in his inner thoughts or in the attitude of his heart apart from the supernatural power of God.  Man will never will be appropriately attired or cloaked in God’s righteousness outwardly if he is attempting to live according to his own righteousness and resorting to covering himself with fig leaves of this world rather than allowing God to envelope him in His spiritual perfection and righteousness.  Putting on the supernatural power and strength of God working in him and through him will successfully remove the accumulated filth of sin in man’s heart, mind, changing his outer covering to agree with his heart as he clings to the holiness and righteousness of God.

There are many professing Christians who are walking as spiritually dead men in this world emitting a stench of rotten self-righteousness rather than emanating God’s fragrant righteousness


Are you inwardly and outwardly covered or adorned in His heavenly spiritual perfume or covered in the stink of your own righteousness rooted in the workings of the god of this world?


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