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God Does Have A Sense of Humor

January 12, 2021

God Does Have A Sense of Humor

Psalm 2:4 (KJV) He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

Indeed you know that God does not change, nor does His character.  Here in this brief verse, we learn that God reacts to rebellious hearts with laughter.  Does this fact seem odd to you?  Is it hard to imagine that God finds humor in hearts in opposition to Him?

We need to study this out a little more to comprehend and clarify God’s sense of humor.  First, we know that He does have wit because this verse tells us so, and this teaching coincides with other scriptures about His holy brand of humor, as is revealed in Psalm 37, 59, and in Proverbs 1; a few pertinent examples to give us better context and clarity.

Additionally, one should read the immediate preceding scripture at the beginning of Psalm 2.  Doing so tells us about the presence of rebellious hearts at work in this world and examines the stupidity of their opposition to God.  Then and even at this moment, God is sitting in Heaven looking down on defiant souls.  This rebellion does not paint a pretty picture for us, but God is never surprised when ignorant souls choose to stand in opposition to His authority and power.

This scripture gives us insight into God’s humor while at the same time painting a sad look at the condition of lost souls, towards the authority of God.  After a time, their disregard for Him triggers His wit rather than His woe, for He ultimately He knows their position will never soften.

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