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God Does Not bat in the Clean-up Spot

November 14th, 2018

God Does Not bat in the Clean-up Spot

1 Thessalonians 5:17 (KJB) Pray without ceasing.

As danger approaches a person is often intently focused on prayer to God.  Or when he has a sudden medical emergency his prayers to God come one right after the other as he pleads with God for life-saving mercy.  Just like in a medical emergency, after an earthquake, or other natural disaster ends and life goes back to normal, prayers often cease.

Mankind can often be fickle.  A man is often not consistent or even sometimes genuine in his prayer to God.  He often prays to God out of habit.  Or when everything else he has tried on his own has failed and he is left with the only option of pleading with God for help.  It is a sad truth that a man who enjoys pitching his own game often waits until he has runners on each of the bases of life and has a home run batter in the box before he summons for help from God.

The truth is God does not bat in the cleanup spot, He desires to be the first option out of the box.

Do not save God as the last option, approach Him humbly first and foremost and on a continual basis as you sojourn in this world.

God’s Word clearly tells us in many scripture verses that He is not to be placed on the back burner of our life.  Or summoned in a last-ditch effort in cleaning up all our problem areas.  Rather a man and woman of God naturally desire to reach out to God for His assistance over and over again for God is to be our constant contact, not an interaction that happens infrequently and insincerely.

A man and woman of God naturally desire to speak with God and hear his direction and correction and ask for His direction and for miracles to happen in their life.  Praying without ceasing always becomes natural in the lives of His spiritual children rather than binge second nature as exists in lost and wayward hearts.

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