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God Does the “Spiritual Laundry”

February 23rd, 2018

God Does the “Spiritual Laundry”

Psalm 51:2 (KJB) Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.

This is one of many Psalms of David who was both praying and pleading with God to remove the dark blot of his blaringly obvious sin.  It was an ever-present reminder of his grievous choice to sin against God.  David was heartbroken over his sin knowing that only God could remove it from his life.

Yes, God is the only one who can completely eradicate the stain of sin.  When God does the “spiritual laundry”, a man is always found to be tidy, white, and bright!  Not only is a man or woman of God found to be whitewashed in his heart, but he or she shines like a beacon radiating with the power and presence of God into this world.

It’s true, when the presence of sin is at work inside a man, his outward expression is nothing but dirty, dismal and dark.  However, when a man shines with the presence and identity of God, he is a lovely spiritual charm shining with a spiritual brilliance which only comes from personally knowing God.

Unfortunately, many people try to do their own laundry failing miserably in becoming a brand-new eternally clean vessel.  The dirt and grime left behind by sin can only be removed by the eternal and supernatural nature at work in the spiritual cleaning process of God.

A man can never “spit shine” himself into an acceptable spiritual heart condition.  It takes God’s intense spiritual lather with spiritual bleach, along with heart felt prayer, and pleading, to eliminate the grit and grime of sin from a man’s life.  God’s whitewash is a perpetual sudsiness and a clean that lasts forever.

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