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God Gets Right To The Point

September 16, 2021

God Gets Right To The Point

Psalm 9:17 (KJV) The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

Maybe you look around at the state of our nation and our world and sigh, knowing that evil and corruption are quickly plummeting the quality of life in this world.  Perhaps you face these troubles with trepidation and fear and yet are not moved to do your part in sowing seeds of the gospel message.  Maybe you are inching closer to kneeling to the fears circulating in this world rather than fearing the divine power and presence of God.

God gives a clear message here in the ninth Psalm about the consequences of ignoring Him and living according to selfish desires and caving in to the fear-mongering at work in this world.  Simply put, those who insist on wickedness, whether they be individuals or nations, will be sent directly to Hell upon their entry into eternity; no ifs or buts will change His decree concerning sin.

I hope you understand that an eternal address in Hell is avoidable by any soul who chooses to serve and savor God rather than follow the evil at work in this world.  In other words, each of us determines our eternal destiny, either it is resting in sweet fellowship with God or remaining apart from Him forever in eternity.

I hope you consider the stark spiritual message God has for us in this Psalm given by David.  Please read this entire Psalm to gain the framework surrounding God’s pointed statement in this ninth verse.  Not only that, but I hope you seek to apply it to your life and renew your effort in reaching others with God’s truth.

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