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God is All You Need!

October 05, 2021

God is All You Need!

1 Timothy 6:8 (KJV) And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.

It is easy to focus on our needs instead of our personal relationship with God and become discontent with the “things” we think we ought to have in this life.  This state of mind is nothing new; the mixed multitude in the desert gave themselves pity parties because they wanted what they did not have.  This mindset is the opposite of being grateful for what they had, God directing and providing for them in the long trek through the desert.

With God at the helm, a sincere follower is thankful for his eternal relationship with God and thankful for all that He provides, despite our sinful state of the heart and propensity to sin.  Here in this verse from 1st Timothy, the Apostle Paul encourages Timothy and others like us to find peace and satisfaction with life’s necessities, keeping our focus on eternity rather than in the here and now.

In the end, God is all a person needs.  If we were to receive what we deserve, we would all have a sentence of death and demise.  As it stands, God is willing to provide every soul with more than they need, both now and in eternity.

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