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God is His Own Support Network

January 29th, 2019

God is His Own Support Network

Job 26:7 (KJB) He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.

How many times do you reach out and take advantage of the many support columns God has given you in this world?  He has left this world with many godly support options on the table.  He gave us brothers and sisters in Christ for help in supporting our spiritual journey.  These siblings in Christ are meant to be for our fellowship and in providing opportunities to love each other in our service for bringing honor and glory to God.

God gave us a beautiful world which speaks openly of God’s gracious mercy and grace.  This world is a canvas held in place by nothing.  God delicately painted and hung the mural of this world for our learning.  He divinely brought into being all things, including physical life and the sowing of the gospel message.

But, did you ever think about the fact that God is His own back?  He is the spiritual granite column, or the backbone, on which all things exist.  This includes you and me.  God is the ultimate support, the cornerstone, that without His presence nothing in this world would exist or adequately function.

God hung the earth on nothing so that there would be no question as to the world’s Creator and Author.  God is the Rock which holds this world and the entire universe in His capable hand.



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