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God is More Than a Vessel of Unconditional Love

December 15th, 2018

God is More Than a Vessel of Unconditional Love

Hebrews 12:29 (KJB) For our God is a consuming fire.

What kind of mental picture comes into your mind when you think of the character of God?  Do you see Him as a consuming fire?

Certainly, you are familiar with a summer bonfire which burns so hot and bright that before long it consumes all the wood in the pile.  Or perhaps, you like me, have been present at a house fire where the entire structure was quickly consumed amid the heat and grueling flames.  This quick and deadly consumption can be especially true in a case of a house trailer or camper fire.

What then does it mean then when The Bible says that God is a consuming fire?

If you ask most people today to describe the leading attribute of God they will say that God is love, that He loves unconditionally.  That He loves them despite their sin. Sadly though, many people are consumed by a modern far-reaching and unbiblical understanding of the love of God.  The truth is God loves you so much that he hates sin.

But, if you were to describe God as this scripture verse depicts, a consuming fire, many will look at you strangely as they roll their shoulders indicating that they are clueless concerning of any notion of a spiritual all-consuming aspect of God for all they know is of His unconditional love despite the presence of sin.

The truth is a person cannot possibly know and apply the love of God without comprehending His holy and divine nature of a consuming fire.  God extends unconditional love, however, He God is also a consuming fire.  A man, woman, or child cannot possibly have the proper fear or reverence of God and agree with Him about sin without recognizing Him as a consuming fire who desires all of mankind.

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