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God Meant Exactly What He Said

June 29, 2021

God Meant Exactly What He Said

Exodus 20:13 (KJV) Thou shalt not kill.

This scripture contains a short but vital commandment from God.  Dismissing this directive as not essential or simply choosing not to follow it will undoubtedly stir up a mountain of discord and suffering.  This pain and sorrow can indeed follow a family from generation to generation.  

If you managed to get a discussion group together for input concerning this commandment given by God, there would be all kinds of emotion, thoughts, conversation, and rationale concerning this and likely collectively all Ten Commandments given by God in general.  Laws passed in this world would be cited with no consensus reached amongst such a crowd.  The subject of murder and the importance of following God’s decrees in part or whole would be next to impossible, for people would occupy both sides of the fence, with some choosing to sit in the middle of such a discussion.

The truth of this particular declaration ranges from an actual physical taking of a life to an act proclaimed as self-defense, to heart rage, and even to the potential taking of life in thought alone.  For a seemingly simple verse, there is a lot of spiritual weight attached to it! Indeed you understand that God means exactly what He says, “Thou shalt not kill…

A sincere child of God should predominantly be concerned about agreeing with God about reaching a consensus with folks about this on this earth.   A genuine child of God is also mindful of the significance of every life given by God and knows that He alone holds the keys to both life and death (Revelation 1:18).  In other words, neither life nor death can happen without God knowing about it and allowing it to occur.

A sincere child of God does not weigh in the balance anything the world says or legislates concerning any particular scripture verse, but he contemplates what God has to say within the context of the canon of scripture.  A sincere professing Christian concerns himself with how he can apply God’s truths and commandments in the moments of his life as he sojourns in this corrupt world.

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