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God Offers Simple Soundness

March 21, 2020

God Offers Simple Soundness

2 Timothy 1:7 (KJB) For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

It is not big news that some in this world attempt to make a living by trying to alter the state of the mind and body. 

“What, you might say- What do you mean?” 

Mind control is big business, but is nothing more than an attempt to maneuver another person into doing, saying, or acting in a particular way.  This control is accomplished by unique or unsuspected tactics or the induction of artificial substances or variances beyond that which is commonly faced.  These kinds of pressure tactics can be utilized to form an opinion(s) and reactions into what such a pressing person desires them to be, not what can be developed outside of dealing with an approach based on fear.

It is no secret in history that humans and animals have been used and are still managed in a variety of clandestine experiments while those in charge are waving a banner touting newly improved covert operations to strengthen military troops.  Historical accounts tell us way before the cold war era; there were multiple governmental based programs where humans and animals alike were used as guinea pigs in the development and implementation of various forms of mind and body control.  Some would say that this kind of dark manipulation is a valuable tool in scientific experiments, medical breakthroughs, and used intelligence communities. 

Some would even venture that partaking in such fear-based enterprises has helped our nation tremendously beyond the battlefield in discovering ways for the destruction of deadly disease and viruses.  Still, others would offer that this kind of manipulation remains to this day and most often only produces dark, dangerous, and even fatal results.

Things such as chemical compounds, hallucinogenic substances, vaccines, mustard gas, anthrax, viruses, agent orange, and other biological warfare operations were conceived and introduced to provide a “leg up” beyond developed practices of other regimes, such as rogue nations, themselves also toying with experimental warfare.  The idea of war and skirmishes changed to include such tactics as using altering substances, like LSD, which then moved beyond a simple experiment to become a drug epidemic on the streets of this nation in the seventies.  This kind of testing and experimenting can take a battlefield from being a physical front into a different reality for interrupting mental toughness in certain situations, like interviewing spies and captured soldiers from our enemies.  The truth is that such mind-bending can bring inevitable physical suffering and psychological defeat to foes and enemies alike.

Have you considered that God offers each of us spiritual and mental soundness?  His crisp clarity can hold out despite the state of our affairs or the circumstances we find ourselves existing within, even if we happen to be caught up in the middle of forced altered substances and fear tactics offered to us by a rogue force or enemy.  Even in a time of war, God’s mental lucidity can give a man what it takes to maintain mental toughness for God did not give a man a fearful, timid existence among increasing wickedness at work in this world.  God provided mental toughness as a part of salvation and left it on standby for our every need, whether it be a time or war with the devil, among nations, or a battle of the mind, or a skirmish on the streets of this world.

In other words, despite what is going on around us, God has given each of us the potential to remain both physically and mentally lucid.  He has given us the ability to stay spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy despite the state of our current affairs.  Think for a moment about the toughness of Job amid dire events and circumstances.  Job’s mental and physical stamina was harmed but remained spiritually indestructible because of the power and presence of God at work in his life.

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