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God Shall Laugh

June 1st, 2018

God Shall Laugh

Psalm 2:4 (KJB) He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

It is true, God does have a sense of humor.  However, if you are a lost man you certainly will not agree with this bold statement because God is personally laughing at you as he tosses you into hell forevermore.

What, God will laugh and mock those who are found to be without spiritual fellowship with Him?  You bet He will.  Perhaps you would say that previous statement does not sound like a God who loves all mankind.

It is sad, so many people in this world cannot grasp the supernatural nature of God who both divinely loves and hates.

Yes, God loves all mankind and tells him the truth about the nature of sin.  His love is not a hateful act.  It is an act of sincere love.  God loves you enough to tell you the truth about the nature of all sin.

Yes, God loves mankind and He desires every person choose eternal life rather than death, but He allows each of us to make our own personal decision.

Yes, God loves every man enough to allow him to make his own decision regarding agreeing or disagreeing with Him about the nature of sin.  Even if a person’s final decision grieves His heart.

Yes, and finally it is certainly true that God will laugh at every wayward soul who is tossed into hell.  We can know this for sure because it has been recorded in His Word for our learning and consideration.

God will find great pleasure in tossing every spiritually lost and rebellious soul into the fires of hell. No person can oppose God and get away with sin in the eternal realm.


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