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God Showed Thee

June 29, 2020

God Showed Thee

Micah 6:8 (KJB) He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

If a person does not intimately know and understand God’s Word, he or she can jump into scripture and take a verse or multiple verses and make them say whatever they want them to say.  This statement includes ancient times and in applying God’s teaching into life today. 

This verse from Micah is no different; every person must realize and apply the context in which verse(s) are written.  Proper application is made by reading other verses surrounding a particular verse to find and apply the appropriate meaning of God’s teaching.  No individual can choose to use biblical truths outside of God’s intended narrow biblical-based context, for to do so is to weaken the holiness, authority, and character of God.  Knowing this truth does not stop wayward attempts to change God’s message into a powerless, tolerant, and accepting agenda teaching about a world-based god without power over sin.

Sadly, some people jump into this eighth verse of Micah and fall all over the word mercy.  What do I mean by falling all over it?  I mean that they apply the word mercy found here to say we are to have compassion for all things, situations, and people.  In other words, to love others without condition, but also many fail to use God’s unchangeable and vital character traits in whole with the same context and equal spiritual manner.  It is important to note that no person can be tolerant of another’s favorite sin and forget about the hammer of God’s judgment that will indeed swing unfavorably towards the presence of sin.

You see, God is not just a God of mercy and grace.  He is not spiritually lopsided or onesided in His holy estimation and character.  God is a God of Truth and judgment.  So, keep His unchangeable nature in mind anytime a person hits you over the head with a notion that we should only apply mercy towards sinners and set-aside giving any warning about the certainty of the judgment from God concerning sin.

Some people use this verse from the sixth chapter of Micah and other verses like it, to call for tolerance and acceptance of any lifestyle, regardless if it stands in opposition to the character and holiness of God.  Though God always desires that each of us have compassion and sincerely love others, we must choose to love others enough to tell them the truth about sin and the inevitableness of the judgment coming of God.  To profess to love another soul without warning them about the seriousness of sin is to leave a soul exposed to face the judgment of God without remedy in eternity.

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