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God Takes Marriage Seriously

September 28th, 2017

God Takes Marriage Seriously

Malachi 2:11-13 (KJB)   Judah hath dealt treacherously, and an abomination is committed in Israel and in Jerusalem; for Judah hath profaned the holiness of the LORD which he loved, and hath married the daughter of a strange god.  12 The LORD will cut off the man that doeth this, the master and the scholar, out of the tabernacles of Jacob, and him that offereth an offering unto the LORD of hosts.  13 And this have ye done again, covering the altar of the LORD with tears, with weeping, and with crying out, insomuch that he regardeth not the offering any more, or receiveth it with good will at your hand.

This verse is speaking of how many of the Israelites, given unmerited mercy and grace by God, had chosen to marry ungodly spouses and had become an abomination to the holiness and righteousness of God.  This scripture is good and profitable concerning ancient history and for application of the sanctity of marriage, both then and for today.

The significance of marriage has not waned or been altered since the first marriage of Adam and Eve.  A marriage is a serious endeavor, certainly not one a man and woman should take lightly.  Marriage is much more than finding a person who you want to live with, who makes you laugh, and for making both a man and woman feel happy.  Laughing and happiness should be a part of a marriage, but a sacred union should not be based solely upon emotions and the feeling of contentment, for that alone is not a load bearing foundation.  Each person will come to the marriage ceremony lugging his or her own spiritual baggage and it takes the supernatural power and presence of God to make any marriage union stand up, impenetrable and stout in this world.

A marriage always begins with a “holy triangle” consisting of God, a naturally born male, and a naturally born female.  A marriage in this world ends with physical death.  A spiritual union with God is perpetual.  A marriage in this world binds two souls together on this earth, while a spiritual marriage to God binds a person’s soul to God now, and perpetually.

A marriage is torn apart by infidelity on this earth by one or both spouses, or in the case of a spiritual marriage, torn apart by idolatry- are all considered adulterous relationships, perhaps doomed for failure on this earth, and for spiritual poverty in a personal relationship with God.

God desires to give every child of God rich and plentiful blessings, both in their relationships on this earth and forever in their personal spiritual union with God.

For any marriage to receive the spiritual and material benefits available with God, it must be built upon His commandments and operating in the direction God wills each spouse.  Otherwise, a marriage is considered an unequal yolk with one spouse willing to obey God and the other spouse running away from God.  The latter would be the case when a saved person chooses to marry a soul who is lost.  There are many instances in the Bible about men choosing to marry pagan women and these kinds of ungodly relationships only served to make once godly men far off and offensive to God.

Or an equal yolk with both spouses running away from the mercy, goodness, and grace of God causes an alignment of two evil forces who team up against godliness, stirring up all kinds of hate, strife, and conflict, first between themselves and outwardly for affecting others in this world.

A marriage in this world has always been a serious undertaking.  It consists of a relationship triangle between a man, a woman, and God.  It is also a perpetual union between a person and God for all eternity.

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