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God’s Children Do Not Look For Loopholes

January 01, 2020

God’s Children Do Not Look for Loopholes

Psalm 112:1 (KJB) Praise ye the LORD. Blessed is the man that feareth the LORD, that delighteth greatly in his commandments.

A person either fears God or he chooses to discount His message.  Some individuals choose to simply ignore things of God and fail to receive meaningful messages and truth from Him.  It is not the fault of the messenger, God, but such failures fall directly upon the shuttered ears of lost and wayward hearted people.

Maybe you have read this verse and are confused about the notion presented of fearing God.  Perhaps you cannot make sense of it. Often when a person considers the word fear it is associated it with a reservation or qualm about something that we dread.  Fear God?  Perhaps that seems odd to you, how can fear of God be related to finding delight in His commandments. 

The truth of this matter is that a sincere child of God desires to submit on his own accord, not by force, to the decrees and commandments of God.  A submissive and reverent nature pleases God and this attitude towards God will undoubtedly receive both blessings and benefits from God.

A spiritually lost hearted individual desires to find any loophole to avoid following God’s expressed commandments and expectations.  Lost people desire to walk on back alleys and hidden pathways to dodge anything to do with personally knowing and obeying God.  The last thing an unsaved person desires to do is fear God and to follow His ways.

To fear God and follow His commandments fulfills God’s desires and ushers in certain eternal delight.  Looking for loopholes, excuses, or escape only gives God the cold shoulder.  This kind of spiritual brashness is self-serving and undoubtedly brings God’s displeasure and disapproval.

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