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God’s Eternal Welfare Plan

April 14th, 2018

God’s Eternal Welfare Plan

Psalm 23:2 (KJB)   He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

God always has a person’s best spiritual interests at heart.  It is true that God has a “Spiritual Welfare Plan” that is simply out of this world!

God does not offer silly social welfare reforms and powerless modifications.  He does not impose burdensome taxes and red tape, or harsh regulations, or the like found at work in this world.  These touted “social benefits” and regulations are actually hindrances to a person learning to rely upon the power, providence, and purposes of God.

God offers the real spiritual deal and all for free!  In fact, His deal has already been delivered and is ready to apply to any spiritually hungry souls!  No need to wait for beleaguered politicians or government officials to vote in or out any special deals or impose taxes framed as social benefits to bolster your bottom line.

God offers an eternal spiritual plan that restores and spiritually rejuvenates the deadened soul of everyone who personally partakes of His supernatural welfare offering.

Yes, God freely offers every man eternally green pastures and peaceful perpetual rest where once was only found unbearable burdens and lost opportunities for living.  Genuine life and rest are only found in a personal relationship with God.

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