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God’s Gift

December 12th, 2019

God’s Gift

Romans 6:23 (KJB) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

God’s gift keeps on giving and giving.

Don’t you inwardly detest that in five minutes or less after been rushed awake by eager young kids on Christmas morning, that when all the gifts nestled under the Christmas tree the evening before, have been torn open soon all interest is lost for their new trinkets and toys? 

It is not long before your family looks at you with the “what now” look?

You see, the much anticipated moment of opening gifts is quickly over, the packages have been torn open and revealed, and a letdown begins to take over the anticipation of Christmas morning.

I hope this above scenario does not describe your house on the holiday morning.  At best it describes a woeful world based celebration.  You see, Christmas day is never to be all about receiving gifts wrapped with care.  It is not about “Santa” coming down the chimney.  Neither is this day to be wrapped up in a festive family gathering.

Some individuals will say the holiday Christmas season, and any celebration is pagan.  That no person should celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth into this world at all; either by the giving gifts or in not giving presents at all or in gathering the family together.

Others, who are “Consumer Christians” may determine the holiday season is a great time to shop for great sales and to give and receive gifts and to fellowship with family and close friends; but their one-sided celebration does not include anything to do with God and His Son Jesus Christ.

However, every sincere child of God knows in his or her heart that the most valuable gift of all came to this earth in the form of an infant named Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago, and this gift is perpetual, lasting forever.  There will be no other gift like it.

December 25th is set aside in this world to honor and glorify the earthly birth of Jesus Christ.  Though His party may not fall on His exact birthday, biblically observing it along with incorporating family traditions, can be right and honoring to God.

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