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God’s Goodness, love, and Grace

November 8th, 2016

God’s Goodness, love, and Grace

Ephesians 6:24 (KJB) Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen. Written from Rome unto the Ephesians by Tychicus.
There is no such thing as having a personal relationship with the Lord and not knowing about His unconditional love and grace.  God cannot be separated apart from His wonderful attributes.  If it were not for God mankind would be destined for Hell without any recourse, but God desired mankind have a way for perpetual spiritual fellowship with Him.

Praise the Lord God sent His Son Jesus Christ to pave the way for salvation of any who places their faith in Him through the work of His Son at Calvary.  The Spirit of God brings new spiritual life into the heart of quickened alive mankind.  The presence of His attributes allow His goodness and grace to flourish.

Tychicus was a servant of God who was personally familiar with the goodness of God and was abundantly covered in God’s rich love and grace.  Tychicus closed his letter, which is what we now know as the book of Ephesians, with a benediction or blessing for the members of the Ephesian church.

takeupyourcrossredocmclearGenuine grace, unconditional love, and rich blessings only come from having a personal relationship with God.

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