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GRBC Bible Course Lesson 64

The Genesis To Revelation Bible Course


Lesson No. 64 – Revelation

* KEY VERSE–Re 1:1.

Revelation 1:1 (KJB) The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

Home Readings

For family alter read:–

* Sunday–The Lord appears to give the Revelation,–Revelation 1:9-20.
* Monday–Urgent messages to the churches,–Re 2:1-11.
* Tuesday–Some of the events of the Tribulation,–Re 6:1-7.
* Wednesday–Anti-Christ and false prophets arise,–Re 13.
* Thursday–Coming of Christ and doom of Anti-Christ and false prophet,–Re 19:11-21.
* Friday–The Millennium and doom of Satan and wicked dead,–Re 20.
* Saturday–The blessedness of the eternal future,–Revelation 21:1-10.

WRITER–The apostle John. It is remarkable that John the Beloved, who was nearer to the heart of Christ than any other, he who filled his gospel and epistles with the warmth of divine love, should be the chosen vessel to make known the most terrible judgments. This at least, suggests that he would not over-draw the picture.

TO WHOM WRITTEN–The seven churches of Asia Minor, and through them to all churches.

DATE and PLACE–Likely 96 A. D., from the Isle of Patmos, to which John was banished for being a Christian preacher by Emperor Domitian of Rome.

OCCASION–There was a bitter persecution of the Christians in Asia, and the last of the apostles were about to go to his re. ward. It was therefore very fitting that God should use him to draw the veil of the future, that man might know of this crisis that should afterward come to pass.

1. To describe the wonderful events connected with the end of the age.
2. To encourage Christians to be faithful by giving them an inspired picture of Christ’s final triumph over all evil.


1. Introduction.
2. Churches.
3. Tribulation.
4. Second Coining.
5. New Things.

Great Fact I. The Introductory Vision

Re 1.
1. God is the source of the Revelation, Christ was the channel through whom it was given, an angel interpreted it, John recorded it, the churches were to proclaim it, and there is a special divine blessing promised to those who read and heed its sayings. The time for the fulfillment of its prophecies is always to be regarded as near at hand.
2. On the Lord’s Day, while under the special influence of the Holy Spirit, John had a vision of the Glorified Lora, who appeared with priestly robe, yet with kingly glory, walking among the churches, observing and cherishing them. John was bidden not to fear, but to write down the things concerning the churches, and the things that should afterward take place.

LESSON–While we cannot understand all about this remarkable book nor be certain about all of its interpretations, yet we should study it, keep its truths in our memories and practice its doctrines, for it is a window of hope through which we look into eternity, and the only book in the Bible that promises a blessing to those who study it.

Great Fact II. The Message to the Churches

Re 2; 3.

The number of the churches is seven, and each message has seven parts:–
1. Name of the church.
2. Mention of some sublime attribute of the speaker.
3. An assertion that Christ knows all about the duties and doings of each church.
4. A description of the state of each, with praise or blame.
5. A reference to His promised coming.
6. A command to give special attention to what the spirit says.
7. Promises to those who overcome.

Notice what the Lord knows about the churches: “I know thy faith, works, love and ministry.” I know if their last works are better than the first. Knows all about their persecutions, and outward poverty, although spiritually they were rich in faith, hope and love.

Notice what the Lord holds against the churches. Some had left their first love and were acting as though they were rich, although spiritually they were paupers, another had a reputation for being a living church, yet was almost dead. Another had in its fellowship those who were unsound in doctrines and wicked in life. From all such, our Lord said He would turn away in disgust.

Notice what the Lord promises to the churches. Overcomers shall be readmitted to Paradise and the Tree of Life from which Adam was excluded. They shall triumph over afflictions and escape death. The door to the storehouse of God’s manna shall be opened unto them. They shall reign over the nations. They shall have a robe and a crown, and indeed enjoy the same honours in Heaven that Christ enjoys.

LESSON–These inspired promises give a many sided view of the future possessions of the saints. Taken together, they give the completest description of the World of God of the good things God has prepared for those who love Him. How they should quicken our faith, kindle hope, and inspire zeal.

Great Fact III. The Judgements and Events That Will Immediately Precede Christ’s Second Coming

Re 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; Re 9; Re 10; 11; 12; 13; Revelation 14; Re 15; Re 16; 17; 18.

This is the Great Tribulation of three and a half years of plagues, trials and judgement spoken of in Jer 30:7; as the time of Israel’s trouble, Spoken of by Christ as a Great Tribulation such as never was before, Mt 24:21, and referred to by many others.

Revelation 1:7The causes of the Tribulation are:–
1. The special working of Satan, who will nave great wrath because his time is shoe:–
2. Unprecedented activity or (lemons. At Christ’s first coming they sought to control men, causing them to Blaspheme and to resist God; they will again afflict men with mental and spiritual diseases.
3. Satan will incarnate himself in the Anti-Christ. Daniel refers to him in ; Re 12:11. Christ in Mt 24:15. Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:3; and John in Re 13:1, etc. This Anti-Christ will appropriate divine honours, imitate Christ, appoint false prophets, overcome nations. He and the false prophets will be cast into the Lake of Fire at Christ’s coming.
4. There will be plagues similar to the plagues of Egypt. Plagues of blood, hail, fire, locusts, darkness, famine, sores, earthquakes, war, martyrdoms and death. As before the purpose will be to discredit the religion of the ungodly and direct them to the true and living God.
5. The gathering of the nations to the battle or Armageddon under the Anti-Christ and false prophet. In great wrath, they will be besieging Jerusalem, when they will be alarmed by the signs of Christ’s coming, and will be smitten with a sudden blow from which they will never recover.
6. The judgement of the nations as to the treatment they have accorded to God’s people, the Jews, Mt 25:31-46.

LESSONS–Before these terrible events shall come to pass, the saints will be caught up to meet the Lord in the air, 1Th 4:17. How earnest we should be to be found in Him, for rebellion against Him is death. Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker.

Great Fact IV. The Second Coining and the MILLENNIUM

Re 19; 20:6.

The prophets and apostles made Christ’s Coming to the blessed hope of Israel and the church. They taught that He would strike down the wicked nations, gather Israel to its own land, set up His government upon the throne of David, reign in justice and be King of all.

Whether the Lord will come before or after the Millennium has stirred the faithful for all generations, and perhaps orthodox Christians are about evenly divided. The Post-Millenialists think that the Revelation 19:16processes of education, and the preaching of the gospel will bring universal peace and make men spiritual and holy. The Pre-Millenialists, with whom the writer joins, believe that it will take the coming of the King, the literal restraining of Satan before universal righteousness will prevail. The reasons for this position are:–
1. The Anti-Christ is to be destroyed, not gradually, but by His coming, 2Th 2:8.
2. The Son of Man comes IMMEDIATELY after the Tribulation, Matthew 24:29, there is nothing said of a Millennium between the Tribulation and His coming.
3. The world will be in a mixed condition when the Lord comes, not all saved. There will be “wheat and tares,” Mt 13:38-40. There will be unconverted as in the days of Noah, Mt 24:37. These verses do not point to a Millennium of universal righteousness BEFORE Christ comes.

The destruction of the Anti-Christ, the restraint of Satan, and the return of the Lord Jesus, will usher in the Millennium.
1. There will be universal peace. Men will beat their swords into plowshares, Isa 2:4.
2. There will be a Paradise condition in the earth so that the lion shall lie down with the lamb, etc., Isa 11:6. There will be a great spread of knowledge, Isa 11:9. All prophecies of the earthly glory of Jews will be fulfilled in this age. All promises in the Sermon on the Mount, like “The meek shall inherit the earth” will find their fruition.

LESSON–The Second Coming is mentioned from one end of the Bible to the other. In the New Testament, there are 300 references to it. It is bound up with every sublime promise of likeness to Christ, the satisfaction of the soul, victory over sin and Satan and death, and the deliverance of the earth from bondage and corruption. Are we exhorted to meet together on the Lord’s day, or to take the Lord’s Supper, it is in order to “show forth His death until He comes.” Are we exhorted to love one another, or to be holy, it is in view of His coming! Yea, it is the central chord of all vital Christian life! Dr. Broaddus said, “If I am always ready to meet Him, am bound to be ready when He comes.”

Great Fact V. The Last Judgment and the Seven New Things

Re 20:7 to end.
1. Here we have the judgement of the Great White Throne set up after the Millennium, before which will be judged the unbelieving dead. The righteous rose before the thousand years and lived and reigned with Christ, Re 20:4.
2. The unjust are now judged by the things written in the books, and awarded different degrees of punishment according to their words.

The apostle now has a glimpse of the blessed things of the eternal future, and reveals that there will be at least seven new things.
1. A renewed heaven. There will be no more death-dealing thunder bolts of lightning flashes from the sky.
2. A renewed earth. No more weeds or snakes, no more slums or hospitals or graves.
3. No more nationalities for that is what we believe is meant by “no more sea.” All men shall speak one tongue and brothers be.
4. The capital of the Heavenly world shall be the New Jerusalem, whose beauty and glory will be beyond compare.
5. New peoples, for God, shall dwell with them, and they will never weep, never suffer, never sorrow, never die, for the former things are passed away.
6. New sanctuary, no particular place will have a temple, for the presence of God and of the Lamb will make every part of it a sanctuary.
7. A new Paradise, with its crystal river, and the tree of life yielding its fruit of complete blessedness. There will be no more nurse, and no night there, for the Lord God will give them light, and they shall serve Him, and see His face and be known by Him, and they shall reign forever and forever.

LESSON–The last verses of Revelation are full of the sunshine and music of the word “NEW.” “Behold, I make all things new.” We should study more the Bible teachings about Heaven, and remember that upon every stone of its walls, and above its pearly gates is inscribed the word “GRACE!” “Grace!” All who enter and forever enjoy its bliss will do so by God’s wondrous grace! As travellers often layup rich treasures of pictures, statuary, vases, etc., to place in their homes upon their return, so let us lay up as treasures for heaven, faithful service, and noble sacrifices!

Questions on the Lesson

1. Give the key word and key verse.
2. Who was the writer?
3. To whom written?
4. What the date and place?
Revelation 21:85. What the occasion?
6. Give the purpose.
7. Name the great facts.
8. Who the source of the Revelation?
9. On what day was it given?
10. Why should we study it?
11. What the seven parts of each message?
12. Tell what the Lord knows about the churches.
13. Tell what the Lord holds against the churches.
14. What are the six causes of the Tribulation?
15. Tell what the Lord promises to the churches.
16. Show that the saints will not go through the Tribulation.
17. What is meant by Post and Pre-Millenialists?
18. Give the three points why we think Christ will come before the Millennium.
19. Give the three facts about the Millennium.
20. Show that the doctrine of the Coming is an important one.
21. Tell about the Last Judgement.
22. What are the seven new things of the eternal state?
23. How may we lay up treasures in Heaven?

He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy. Proverbs 29:1 KJV
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