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Great Joy

December 04, 2021

Great Joy

Luke 2:10-11 (KJV) And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

Mary was about to give birth to her son, baby Jesus Christ.  In modern terms, giving birth is both natural and routine.  It brings great joy to a couple, only possible when consisting of a physical relationship between a man and a woman. As God designs it, procreating physical relations can only occur between one man and one woman, not a man and a man or two women.  Such intimacy God creates does bring great pleasure, especially when an infant is born approximately nine months later. 

There is no other form of reproduction involving humanity that God designs.  That said, knowing what God decrees and directs does not stop humans from initiating their own brand and style of physical interactions.  Or in other words, practicing relations with emotional and physical intimacy before marriage goes against God’s spiritual holiness.  Yes, any souls choosing any such human-led hiatus are operating in their power rather than with God’s direction timing.  Humanity looks to ungodly physical ties to provide comfort and joy. Still, this kind of temporary liaison fails miserably to recreate intimacy that only comes from following God’s will and receiving His blessing on a marriage.  God hates when a person chooses licentious sinful behavior. Though these things are outside the realm of God’s best intentions, He allows humanity to choose to sin, involving in unwise physical relations before marriage.  Losing one’s virginity and, additionally, becoming a parent outside of marriage can cause lost and saved souls alike to face trials,  trepidation, and worry.

Updated techniques and choices available in modern healthcare in physical giving birth stands in stark contrast to ancient biblical times and are regarded differently.  The first significant difference these modern times bring to mind is that no woman in her right mind wants to give birth in a stable or barn willingly or with joy.  Though it was likely far from her expectation, the Bible does not record Mary or her husband Joseph was ever hesitant in bringing this new life into this world, especially within the walls of a stable meant for animals.  Today, a woman or her husband might throw tantrums, threaten to sue, and sulk about the state of circumstances at the impending birth of their child. In fact, delivery in a barn would likely break modern health and safety laws for a human infant, seen as abuse and neglect.

Not only is the process of birthing treated differently today, but so is the position of unwed motherhood.  In ancient times getting pregnant and giving birth was nearly unheard of before marriage; many souls revered God and were willing to follow His direction and design. Add to that, and an angel came to speak to Joseph, alleviating any potential for hesitancy about him not ever physically involved with Mary before her pregnancy.  Nor did Joseph desire to embarrass Mary about her supernatural pregnancy but to remain with her despite their unusual circumstances.

However, in contrast, today, the state of unwed mothers is commonplace.  Becoming a parent before marriage is quite widespread; nevertheless, this fact never makes it right with God. Though God allows unwed mothers to give birth and incompatible or unholy marriages to occur, for them to be successful in raising kids, His will is always the best, lasting, and peaceful place for a person to reside.  Though Joseph must have had many questions, he chose to follow God’s will without question and accept Mary’s strange predicament without fear or hesitancy. The will of God coinciding with a supernatural visit from God’s angel confirmes God’s joyous plan to Joseph with His provision for great joy and no fear!

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