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Hanukkah is A Jewish Celebration

December 24th, 2019

Hanukkah is A Jewish Celebration

John 10:22 (KJB) And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication, and it was winter.

Hanukkah is a Jewish Festival celebrating the light of the Christmas season.  This above verse from the book of John is the only reference associated with this season cited by Jewish people as Hanukkah. 

The dates for this traditional Jewish celebration will differ because an ancient Jewish calendar counts days differently than the widely accepted calendar we follow today. 

Now certainly some people will point to other historical sources beyond God’s Word like books of the Apocrypha, to the feast of the Maccabees, and such for providing an ancient foundation in pointing folks to the importance of celebrating this traditional Jewish holiday, but each of us must ask- “what does the Bible say?”

Certainly, you understand that a sincere child of God desires to look within the pages of God’s Word for providing a sure foundation for all his beliefs, Hanukkah and beyond.  It is important to understand, though we do appreciate that Jesus Christ, through His earthly mother Mary, was born a Jew in the flesh, it is not recorded if Jesus Christ and His earthly family celebrated this festival of lights.  Some will go as far stating that the very day of His birth was indeed the first day of this Jewish festival according to the ancient calendar of that particular year.  Others will point to Old Testament Patriarchs celebrating this holiday along with other ancient Jewish festivals which are still celebrated by Jewish people to this very day.

Professing Christians follow New Testament teachings and a modern Gregorian calendar (rather than the ancient Julienne Calendar) in this age full of God’s amazing grace.  He or she also clearly understands that since Calvary, none of the ancient laws of God, rituals, and ceremonies are a necessary practice for any sincere professing child of God today.  Jewish beliefs, traditions, and celebrations are practiced among many Jews as well as a familiarity with ancient calendars and other critical ethnic traditions.

Though any person, Jewish or any other ethnicity, has the freedom to choose to celebrate this day, doing so does not align with New Testament scripture.  God’s Word has been revealed, is complete, and is for our learning and application.  Not all ancient historical writings were inspired by God, nor were traditional celebrations meant to be practiced since the finished work of Jesus Christ upon Calvary.

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