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He Encampeth Round About Them

April 13th, 2018

He Encampeth Round About Them

 Psalm 34:7 (KJB) The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.

Isn’t this such a wonderfully cozy promise from God.  The word encampeth in this verse brings to my mind a picture of warm and fuzzy blanket wrapped tightly around me bringing certain warmth and protection.  It is a spiritual illustration of how God wraps His unending love around those who choose to humbly submit to Him and allow Him to will and work in their life.

A person who chooses to be fearful and reverent of the supernatural nature and strength of God rather than be knocked to the ground with adverse situations and a victim of ungodly anxiety readily working in this world will be divinely delivered.

Protection and deliverance is a promise straight from God made possible through the work of His eternal nature.

God sent the angel of the Lord, who is none other than a spiritual manifestation of Jesus Christ, to deliver this important eternal promise found in this scripture verse to David.  Isn’t it so comforting to realize that God also encamps about us, on our right, left, up, down, and all around us cloaking us in His sweet eternal promises, just as He did in this instance in the life of a man after His own heart who was David.

I hope that you too have the spiritual protection of God wrapped around your heart and life as you sojourn by serving Him in this world.  God promises to empower and protect His own, and to deliver him out of any trial or trouble.  God lovingly covers His own in a divine “spiritual bubble wrap” filled with eternal love and a never-ending hope applicable beyond any circumstances working in this world.

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