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He Said One Word: “GO”

August 12th, 2019

He Said One Word: “GO”

Matthew 8:32 (KJB) And he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters.

Jesus Christ said “GO” and the demon spirits immediately left for they recognized Him and feared for their immediate future.  There was no time for hanging around or choosing to ignore His direct command given to them.  The very moment GO was spoken by Jesus Christ, these evil spirits vamoosed.  Not only did they leave immediately but they rushed into a nearby herd of pigs and toppled quickly down a steep cliff falling an into the sea.

Though these evil spirits pleaded with Jesus that they could be removed from these men and located in pigs grazing nearby.  They did go from living in humans to creatures and ultimately were tossed over a near cliff and perished in the water below.

Satanic activity is alive and kicking in this world today.

Yes, demons want nothing to do with Jesus for He can force their removal as He did with the souls of these two men who were possessed maniacs.  Demon possession is not limited to ancient times but happens to this day and will continue to be present as long as evil continues to reside and rule in this world.  Through the indwelling presence of God’s Spirit among people of God, demons can continue to be eradicated.


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