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He Shall Know

May 14, 2020

He Shall Know

John 7:17 (KJB) If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

If…” is an essential word in this verse of scripture; the other significant words found here are “he shall know…

You see, these words tie our serving and obedience to God to knowing and personally applying His will apart from false doctrine, interference from our desires, and unsound reasoning.  Comprehending God’s will always place spiritual wisdom and discernment, of God at the forefront of our mind and heart, and sets aside any questionable doctrine, out of alignment with God.

This understanding, given of God, allows every practicing child of God the ability to set aside self to savor and serve things of God.  It is always a personal choice to follow the will of God, for He does not horsecollar any person into unselfishly serving Him.

A child of God “shall know of the doctrine…

Yes, you can know that you know the direction and doctrine of God and elect to place it in the lead in your life, putting aside selfish desires.  A sincere child of God does not have to play any guessing games in figuring out God’s will for his or her life.  God gives each one of us the wisdom to pick apart any questionable doctrine and unnecessary “me myself and I” drama so prevalent in this world.

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