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Heart Intention Matters

January 22, 2021

Heart Intention Matters

1 Corinthians 16:14 (KJV) Let all your things be done with charity.

Indeed, you understand that both the thought and intention of your heart matter much to God.  Do you whine and complain when you are helping others in need?  Does your lip service to God lack sincere love and devotion?  Do your actions, and the application of His truth match the timeless character of God?

Perhaps you are busy serving others only because you think you have to?  Or maybe, you do it because you desire to help others but not necessarily for representing the hands and feet of God in this world?  God does not hand participation trophies out to those who are serving others because they have to; God gives eternal rewards to those who desire to fulfill His will in the lives of others they meet in need of a helping hand and heart.  In other words, loving and serving others is all about God and nothing to do about you.

I hope you understand the difference.  One intent is all about self, while the other is all about serving and savoring God’s direction and will, whatever it entails.  It is an outward action of love and devotion towards others or serving in the name of God.

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