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Heaven Just Gained Another Angel?

October 07, 2021

Heaven Just Gained Another Angel?

Hebrews 9:27 (KJV) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.

How often do you hear the line “heaven just gained another angel…?”  Well, the truth is a bit different.  Maybe heaven did, and then again, perhaps did not receive another soul.  This verse from Hebrews gives us the truth about the imminence of death and the coming wrath of God against sin.  However, no verse, including this one above from God’s Word, never states that every soul will arrive in the arms of Jesus in Heaven.

Be leary of false teaching concerning death, especially giving confidence to anyone and everyone taking up residence in Heaven.  While it is true that every soul receives an invitation to open the gift of life in personally meeting with Christ, not all lost souls accept this gift.  Knowing this means that not all will arrive in the arms of Jesus in eternity upon their physical death, only some will.  You can be confident that there is a way to know where you will end up at the moment of your physical death; God does not keep secrets.

The scripture verse Romans 2:5 tells us that some souls become hardened to God’s truth and place upon themselves in the wrath of God rather than discovering lasting protection at work inside a personal relationship with God.

Beyond this, nowhere in scripture tells us that humans will become angels in the eternal realm.  That is a false belief concerning death that has been around since ancient times.  This belief is widely held, famous through movies and television series depicting humans as angels and all people will arrive in Heaven upon death.

When we see in writing or hear through our ear gate about the certainty of death and a coming splendid residence in Heaven for all, we must pick apart the truth from false teaching, knowing for sure where we will go once we succumb to physical death and share these biblically-based realities with others!

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