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His Chambers & More than Wine

Preserved Words Bible Studies a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Song of Solomon

His Chambers & More than Wine

Song. 1:4 Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy love more than wine:….


    I pray these lessons cause us to look at ourselves. I want to look at the “rejoice” part here, and look at “into his chambers.” Do we rejoice in others whom the Lord has blessed? Are we glad about it? In Song of Solomon, those other girls got to see a lot of things, and be a part of the joy of the wedding preparation, but they did not get called into his chambers. Yet… they said… they would rejoice.    ……God gives various gifts and abilities, to different people, as He sees fit. He blesses us through others, too. Here, her court, the daughters of Jerusalem, said they would rejoice… in her… though they were not the blessed bride. Her favor as his bride, brought about this marvelous, yet enigmatic book, that has lasted for near 3,000 years. What is the future of the things God is doing in others in our church, who are ministering for Him? Do we rejoice that the Lord has brought them into His chambers of preparation and schooling, to prepare them for some ministry? Did any of her court say that THEY were prettier? No, they rejoiced in a pure way, in her and her blessings. We are made better, by God’s blessings on others He brings in to us!

   One has said, “When Christ pours out his Spirit upon the church in general, which is his bride, all the members of it do thence receive enlivening quickening influences, and are made to run to him with the more cheerfulness,…” or do they? Do we see what Christ Jesus is doing in folks He has brought into His church? Do we rejoice in it?- in them? Some blessings fell on those other girls, from the blessings that fell upon the Shulamite girl. We have reason to rejoice, as they did!

   But, I want to revisit and finish some thoughts on the “chambers” part, one last time, if I may.

     We couldn’t have gotten ourselves to Heaven, if we had every space ship ever invented. The KING hath BROUGHT me. The KING hath brought ME… into HIS chambers. THE KING HATH BROUGHT ME SOMEPLACE I COULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN TO ON MY OWN! Couldn’t have FOUND IT, GOTTEN THERE, or GOTTEN IN THERE! Have you ever thought about that, that way?

    When He brought us into His chambers, HE did it. Another did not do it. Another COULDN’T do it. In those days, even the palace guards had to get permission to go into the kings very private and personal areas. Today, you or I could never get past the main gate at the White House, let alone into the oval office, could we? We can the throne room of God! Have you ever thought about that? Heb. 4:16- Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Into His Chambers?- and then some I think!

     As He takes one into His school, here, He takes them into His chambers of instruction. When He blesses, He takes them into His chambers of blessings. His Holy Spirit, brings us into His chambers! In many ways, His Holy Spirit, IS His chambers…. here. We are receiving of Him here, from there, though NOT there. He has brought us, and others, into His chambers even while we are still here on this earth. Ephesians speaks powerfully on this. Note, too…

   They joined in her joys, and thus had joy themselves. We must join in the joys with, and joy for, the blessings God showers on others. This Americanized, Westernized culture has robbed us of that. Our culture, increasingly exalts self and selfishness. The political atmosphere on one side, says, “others owe ME, the same blessings. WE are owed what OTHERS have.” Rejoice when God blesses another.

    Now, what if she had married, but kept going back to her old ways? Don’t we do that when we have no time for Him, and HAVE time for everything else, then want more and more blessings? What would we call that? Write some words describing what you would call that.  How would Solomon have felt, after proposing, and then returning to take her from what amounted to slavery to her death, into a palace, with new clothes and good food… she either jilted him, or said she cared not for his presence or palace?  Do you think Jesus feels that way when we don’t come and spend time with Him, or come into the throne room in prayer and praise? Does that bother us? Does it bother us… that it doesn’t bother us? What joy and what a wonderful life she would have forfeited.     How about us?

   His chambers are personal, too. We have a PERSONAL salvation. We have a PERSONAL Saviour. Are our dealings with HIM personal, or cold? Are they warm with affection, love, and thanks? I ask again, do you think that little girl was close to Solomon? Showed it? Said it? Lived it? Off and on, or all the time? She never said, “I’ll see you in a few days after going back to my old friends.”  What if she GOT there, and THEN said to Solomon, “Thanks, but I would rather spend my time with some of my old friends!? Ill take the perks, but not your presence!? I’ll take the food and protection, but not your presence.”  She never saw his chambers as a temporary hotel to visit now and then, either. God’s chambers are those of The King! They are not the chambers of some old queen or king of this earth. He has brought us there! I think we need to treat it more seriously!

     In 1:4 we spoke of what “wine” was in those days. We also spoke of how to the world, it symbolizes,  finer things, party life, and high society. We have the word here again. Am I still stuck on stupid… and that old party life?

    But, indulge my rambling thoughts please, and a visit to a previous lesson. Let me take it to a personal level again, for all of us, and try to bring it together. Let’s look at it in the light of His church, AND personally.

    First, if it IS the maids, or her court, they speak well. HIS love, to HER, was something TO be remembered, and far more than the party life. But, what if we look at it as the CHURCH (us) speaking… to Christ Jesus? Can we say that we remember His Love, how He loved us and saved us, more than our old party life? I admit, there have been times where I have had thoughts about the old life where the flesh reveled in those times. HOWEVER, the more I think about Him, and what He has brought me into, and what He did for me, and where I was and was headed… and look at what He has GIVEN me, I don’t have any desire to EVER AGAIN even laugh at those times. Left those old bags, at the old station! That is called growth, and progression of relationship.  And, it is a GOOD progression and an upward progression. It leads me more to thanks and praise of Jesus Christ! And, in the PRAISE, I TELL Him, openly. I think that side of this study may be the most important.

    Are our words to Christ Jesus, as HERS were to Solomon? I challenge you, as you read through this book, note strongly her words of love back to him, and her total fidelity. No old lovers! He had her heart! What of ours????

   There is, in this book, a progression of love. There is in our spiritual lives, too, or at least there should be. As you read Song of Solomon, please be on the look out for it. For her, it never did grow cold. It never did digress or go back to the “old life.” I believe he was her “first love.” She never left IT, or him! He gave her a new life, new clothes, a new position, a home in the palace, and a place at his side… in his presence. Has Jesus Christ, us? Where are you in this?  Please read Jer. 2, Mk.12:30, Php. 3:13-16 & Rev. 2:4-5.   God bless.


  I said at the beginning of this lesson that I pray these lessons are a cause for personal inspection. I pray that they are, to you, the eye-opening, heart examining, vision changing thing, they have been to me. Looking back, I can’t honestly remember what it was that took me into the book of Song of Solomon, but I am thankful I got in it. I hope you are, too!

   I have also said that I want you to start and keep a journal. I pray you DID, and still are. You will have days of little writing and more prayer, and days of more writing. Both are OK. Stay at it my little children! Write in your own words, even if a few, what God is doing in your heart and life, and what you WANT Him to do. I type and write out many prayers. 

     I believe we are the terminal generation. I also see that this Western culture has brought many bad and hurtful things into our lives. I don’t want that for you! Guard against that.

Prov. 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence,

for out of it are the issues of life.

   I also say, without any hesitation or reservation, that the yoke of the burden for lost souls, even to weeping over them, is the most wonderful yoke and burden this life can ever see. Do not shy away from it. Do not shun it. Seek it out. Accept it when the Spirit sets it in front of you or puts it on you.

    By the time you read this lesson, we will be gone from your presence, but I pray not from your hearts, AND I pray that these lessons carry on a work in you, by God, and by His Spirit. I am not important… HE is! Be impressed with HIM, not me! Do not let these lessons, or your Bible study and prayer ever diminish or fade. Do not leave, your first love, Jesus Christ. Do not allow the world or the flesh to rob you of that relationship, NOR be afraid of deepening it! Many today are afraid of that! Don’t you be!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask Him to bring you into greater depth. The lost world needs that right fire!

     As you read daily, and pray daily, I ask you to examine yourself. Ask Him to examine you. (Ps. 139:23-24) Check for signs of creeping worldliness or creeping flesh. Remember Prov. 24:30-34. The field is your life… the vineyard, is your heart, in many ways. Look at the picture of it, and ask yourself, what is beautiful to this world, in such a vineyard?

  Take these lessons, and the book of Song of Solomon, as a deep calling to your heart, into that deeper relationship with Him. That book was written near 3,000 years ago, and I marvel at all it has in it that speaks to the church today.

    Keep, in your journal little mile-markers of your spiritual progression. KEEP your journals and mark them by the year and months, so that you know where to go back to and look at things. (That’s why I said you should get colored gel markers and use them in your journal)

   I am not where I ought to be sometimes. I am not where I WANT to be, but thank God, I am not where I USED to be, and I am on the road, with Him, to where He WANTS me to be. How about you? Where are you in all of this? Where would you like to be? Are you in any way afraid to go there? I am not satisfied with my spiritual growth. I want more. I seek more. He wants to GIVE more. I believe that is what Paul was saying in Php. 3. I’m not there yet… O, the wonderful journey!

   Never get over Jesus. Never get over your Bible (Ps. 119:161). Never get over the love story in Song of Solomon. Never let it become just another bunch of facts. Never stop the journey. Never stop seeing where He brought you from, in regard to where He can bring others who are lost OR backslidden. Never be afraid to witness of Him, and where He brought you from, as Pastor has taught us. Never leave off caring for lost sinners, even to tears, Tears are a great blessing in your life, and in the lives of others!  God bless!  Journey on!

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