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I Ceased Not

April 18, 2020

I Ceased Not

Acts 20:31 (KJB) Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.

The Apostle Paul is reminding the Ephesian Church that he spent no less than three years, working day and night to reach lost hearts with the gospel message.  This warning the Apostle Paul did amidst tears and trials.  There are many pastors in the pulpit and children of God who are busy about warning others about a day coming soon when there will remain no opportunity for any soul to receive Christ, whether it be their physical death or at the sudden coming of Christ.

The Apostle Paul never quit sowing the seeds of the gospel message, knowing every lost heart must hear this message from God.  Paul ceased not.  He did not hold a forty-hour a week job and collect a paycheck at the end of his week.  Paul’s work for the Lord was taking place every minute of the day and night as necessary for taking care of any opportunity for sowing seeds.

You see, I know that you have hard days when nothing goes right, and time flies out the window.  A tire goes flat when you are on your way to church; supper burns when you are listening to urgent prayer needs of a brother or sister in Christ, or when consoling a grieving friend or family member with scripture but the vital message does not settle into his or her soul and their lost spiritual state of heart tugs at you day and night, however, most of us “turn off our ministry switch” or “call it a day,” failing often to reach lost hearts, stranger and family and friends alike that God sets in our pathway on a daily basis.

A child of God must choose to be consistent, unceasing, caring, prepared at any moment to warn others about the coming of Christ with scripture, sincerity, and tears.  Warning others can direct a soul to hear the heart message God personally made for bringing change to their lost spiritual state of heart, all according to the will and way of God. 

When we make ourselves available, God can use us significantly.

The Apostle Paul was inspired by God to record a godly example to follow in reaching hearts with the gospel message of Christ.  Let no person or adverse situation stand in the way of reaching lost souls.  Each of us is responsible before God for the seeds we sow or fail to sow towards lost hearts hurting and hopeless in this wicked world.

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