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IF It Is Possible

July 01, 2020

IF It Is Possible

Romans 12:18 (KJB) If it , possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

The word ‘if” in this verse makes a considerable distinction for us in properly comprehending God’s intended context of this verse.  Please note God did not inspire that we are to live in peace will all men.  No, what God intends here is that “if” peaceful accord with all others is at all viable, we should strive to live in such amity with others.  However, the presence of the word “if” tells us that it will not always be possible to live In harmony with every person even when we desire to do so from our end of the matter.

The truth is, in some instances living in peace towards difficult people is a tall spiritual order and not always possible to carry out in the course of living in this wicked world.  Though a child of God will naturally strive to live peaceably with each person, inevitably, there will be some who make doing so impossible.  Why, because God gave His spiritual family boundaries in interactions with others.  However, our selfish flesh will always seek to infract on these limitations and unless we choose to rely upon the goodness and grace given of God for finding peace with Him and others, most often, left to ourselves, we will falter and fail miserably in relationships with others.

God’s Word promises blessings for those souls belonging to God who can find peace with others, Matthew 5:9.  In contrast, a person can deduct that without God, such lasting harmony is not possible.

It takes the presence and power of God at work in regenerated hearts and refreshed minds to live successfully in peaceful agreement with humanity.  Relationships left to lost souls most often allow only failure and discord in such difficult associations, never finding eternal peace and spiritual prosperity possible inside personal fellowship with God.

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