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In Everything

October 17, 2020

In Everything

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV) In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

As I sit and meditate on this seemingly simple verse, I realize two things, one that I do not have as much a softened heart, as does Paul, and second, this verse is short, but chock full of truth. 

Here is a man, the Apostle Paul, who could find peace and joy in any and every situation.  Boy, do I need some spiritual work to meet the conditions of this scripture.  Paul’s circumstances as he was inspired to pen this verse was likely he was chained and captive in prison.  Here I sit, today, irritated by the notion that I am not supposed to leave my house due to some instituted mandates concerning health and safety.

As I write this in early 2020, many people, both living near and far from me are put under unfamiliar restrictions here in the United States, not able to leave their homes for common reasons, such as shopping, employment, or to eat a meal out.  The existence of a contagious form of influenza has curtailed the normal freedom we have come to both enjoy and expect daily here in this great land fondly named AMERICA.

But, what about what the Apostle Paul instructs us here in this verse.  He teaches us to find reasons to give thanks in any situation. 

Wait… hold on…

Does this mean that I need to learn to give thanks in this current situation where I am not allowed to leave my house?

Ouch, that stark reality hurts.  I must change my view of my circumstances immediately!

The Apostle Paul is writing a letter to the Thessalonian church here in ancient times to expand their understanding of gratitude, to toughen them up in ancient hard times, and to teach them to offer thanks to God in any situation of life.  While it is true that we are alive on this earth a couple of thousand years later, we do share the same all-powerful God. We must apply this timeless truth, including the giving of thanks, despite our immediate circumstances, into our life.

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