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In What or Who Do You Trust?

November 17th, 2018

In What or Who Do You Trust?

Psalm 20:7-9 (KJB) Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. 8 They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and stand upright. 9 Save, LORD: let the king hear us when we call.

Is a properly worded question what do you trust?  Or is it better worded as who do you trust?  Trust is a popular word that is often misunderstood and misguided.  It is a word that is improperly employed in this world for placing faith in inanimate objects and in weak-kneed people.

The truth is every single person places their personal trust in something, such as another person, God, or intangible merchandise, authorities, or other such powerless contraptions readily found working in this world.

However, having wayward trust is a great spiritual problem and one that needs proper sorting out.  Many people are misled into trusting in people, places, things, the government, political leaders, a pastor, their church, family, teachers, the military, and many other things that have no real source or capability of being dependable and reliable in the long run.

The truth is that there is not an individual who is worthy of our undivided trust.  Merchandise and contraptions have no available power source or any purpose or viability for a man to place his trust in.  Leaders in this world can be wayward and corrupt and many are far removed from the righteousness of God.

The truth is there is only one place a person can place his trust that he will not be ashamed. The only eternally unswerving and unfailing place to hope and place our faith is in God.  God can help any humbled person stand spiritually tall when everything and everyone about him is falling apart.

Trust placed in God through the finished work of His Son Jesus Christ, is the only perpetually viable place to rest your trust.  God will never let you down, break down, fall apart, or come unglued.  While every person, place, and thing in this world is unworthy and undeserving of receiving your faith and will eventually let you down God never will.

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