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It Is A Trap

June 25, 2020

It Is A Trap

Matthew 22:17 (KJB) Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?

To get a proper context about this pointed question, a person must read the verses immediately surrounding this particular verse.  Then we must realize that it does not matter which way Jesus Christ answers this question.

If Jesus Christ were to answer that it is proper to pay tribute to Caesar, then these clever Herodians would make sure that ordinary citizens are aware of Jesus’s opinion on the matter.  His belief would serve to separate these people from Christ because they did not relish paying tribute to Caesar. Ordinary people in ancient times are just like you and me today, mention taxes, and it makes a frown immediately appear on their faces and brings a sigh.

If Jesus Christ were to give these men an answer saying it is not necessary to pay taxes, then these men, who were Herodians, would sound the alarm to the Roman government about His public message concerning rebellion, perhaps causing citizens to refuse to pay taxes.

You have been down this road. 

I have been here too.

A question brings you to a fork in the road or to a  time that no matter the opinion, truth, or solution you express, the moment you answered, you realize that upon hearing the truth it will anger some people.

This inquiry is a trap.  Just like this piercing question asked by the Herodians was with the intent to cause trouble for Jesus Christ, no matter His answer.  Jesus Christ would either face an angry mob of people or be drug before the Roman government for His rebellious attitude towards their tax collection practice.  There is no way to win in their eyes in this situation.

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