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It Is Not A Popularity Contest

December 27, 2020

It Is Not A Popularity Contest

Proverbs 19:6 (KJV) Many will intreat the favour of the prince: and every man is a friend to him that giveth gifts.

I am sure when you think about generosity, a few people’s faces will come to the forefront of your mind.  Lost and saved alike, many generous hearts are living and working in this world. However, the generosity spoken of by God is never intended to fuel a popularity contest.  Or to set you in a favorable position among lost and wayward souls.  The charity directed by God always points back to Him, not towards us.  It never builds us up, but speaks about the greatness and generosity of God at work in this wicked world.

Note the word “many” at the beginning of this verse.  This tells us that numerous hearts will choose to follow those people who are big-hearted and givers rather than takers.  Why, because every person is born with a selfish nature at work in his or her heart, and they often desire to be at the center of such world-based gifts and attention.  Sadly, many desire to receive good things from God, but stop at giving of themselves to God.  In fact, a lost but generous nature can draw much interest and work to win many superficial friendships which are at best teetering on superficial material things bound to this earth having nothing to do with God.

Sadly, living amid a crowd and finding popularity and generosity in this world is most often far removed from the peace and prosperity of God.  In the life of a sincere professing Christian, life truthfully can, at times, be isolated and lonesome.  All too often, a crowd will not want to hear a message about God’s truth and grace, especially if you mention to them about the necessity of separating from sin and wickedness. Sin is a common practice prevalent and palatable to lost souls and apart from proper standing with God.

A genuine child of God does not expect to be popular among lost souls, for he or she is in tune with the message, expectations, and commandments given by God.  Favor and acceptance among the crowd of this earth stand in stark opposition and disharmony to God and line up with the god of this world.  Only through the power and presence of God in sowing seeds can one gain preference among lost ears and hearts.

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