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Job Was Vexed

April 15, 2021

Job Was Vexed

Job 19:2 (KJV) How long will ye vex my soul, and break me in pieces with words?

Yesterday we looked at a verse about the vexing Lot experienced.  Today this verse concerns a man named Job being vexed.  Same word, same meaning, but this situation takes place in a different Old Testament life filled with applications for us this day.

The book of Job, may scholars conclude, is one of the oldest recorded books of the Bible.  This man not only speaks about being vexed; he tells us how it affects him.  Job says that “the words break me in pieces…”  In other words, Job faces verbal persecution, from the words of his “friends” no less.  It is one thing to face persecution from enemies, but harsh words from the mouths of friends are even crueler.  Job faced this pain and much more as trial upon trial piled in his life.

Throughout the book of Job, the reader is provided perspectives from Job, satan, God, and so-called friends.  This range of viewpoints helps the reader to understand the pride, prejudice, suffering, and immense tragedies that this man and his “friend-enemies” face.  More importantly, it allows us to better understand the power and presence of God ever at work in these circumstances.

The critical narrative regarding vexing in Job’s life is that his faith in God sustained him through all accounts of painful satan-induced poking and persecution.   In the end, Job, a rich and blessed man from the start, received even more generous rewards from God than he possessed before these trials began, for God is so good!

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