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Joy in Every Circumstance

April 23rd, 2018

Joy in Every Circumstance

1 Thessalonians 5:16 (KJB) Rejoice evermore.

A professing Christian’s life is to be cloaked in joy.  Eternal joy is not just present according to his or her pleasant circumstances.  Rather it is present DESPITE any circumstances.  Otherwise, God’s presence and power at work in his or her life is limited in some way be adverse conditions at work in a professing Christian’s life.

Godly joy is to be present in EVERYTHING.

This succinct verse does not say rejoice only when things are good.  Or rejoice when you feel it is appropriate.  It plainly states to find joy in every circumstance both now and forevermore.  That means finding delight in this dark and dismal world and forever in the eternal realm.

A professing Christian, who does not have the natural existence of joy emitting from his heart chooses to exist as a “spiritual lemon” seemingly void of eternal delight in his heart while he is present in this dreary world.

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