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Just Say NO!

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Can A person be too gullible about the power of sin?


Just Say NO!

Proverbs 1:10 (KJB) My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

There is a multitude of enticements just waiting in the fringes of this world to capture your undivided attention.  These fleshly interests speak volumes to our human nature and can draw us into choosing to sin.

However, those revived hearts who personally know God have a spiritual arsenal from Him to rely upon in choosing to not sin.  It is really simple, God tells us in this verse to “…. consent thou not” This powerful spiritual phrase simply means “Just say NO!

Only through having a personal relationship with God through the fuel of faith can a man or woman say NO! to sin and YES! To God.  It is His power and presence that allows a man to choose to sidestep sin and walk in His light.  If a person is operating in his or her own power than sin is an allurement that he or she cannot successfully move beyond for his heart condition is set to follow the god of this world.


A personal relationship with God allows a person to just say NO! and to run from sin unto things of God.

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