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Law of God Made Void

May 25th, 2018

Law of God Made Void

Psalm 119:126 (KJB) It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law.

David was frustrated with the lukewarm times in which he lived.  He sought out God and encouraged Him to come soon because many people in his day were living as if God’s Law no longer had any meaning or purpose.

To David, mankind had voided the law of God, basically rendering it useless from their inattention and ignorance about it.

The spiritual and moral climate in this world is virtually no different today.

Many people choosing to live as they please, perhaps applying some of what they consider to be the more reasonable, or “pleasing and palatable laws,” while at the same time choosing to run roughshod over other seemingly “stronger worded decrees.”  The more laws mankind ignores the louder and more uncontrollable this world becomes.

However, God’s law in its entirety will stand the test of time and circumstances and will still be in force when every other thing at work in this world has been destroyed by the very hand of God. Certainly, you understand that God did not send His Son to void the law but to supernaturally fulfill it through willing hearts.

There is no such thing as voiding God’s law, then or now, for it will remain standing tall when all other things fail and quickly fade away.

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