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Life-Giving Vine

April 15th, 2017

Life-Giving Vine

Mark 14:25 (KJB)   Verily I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine, until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God.

There is much confusion by man today about the drinking of wine and fruit of the vine as was recorded in God’s Word.  Discussing it often brings up an argument concerning fermented and unfermented wine.  Verses are considered and often understood when out of context with the entirety of God’s Word.

First and foremost, God inspired His Truth to be easily read and understood.  He does not ever try to hide or camouflage truth, including that about wine and alcohol, including the ingredient of yeast.  These discussions and arguments can be rightly divided as this “heavenly wine” found in a new life in Christ.

The context of the fruit of the vine found in this scripture verse coincides with its use in all of scripture because God’s Truth always flows or follows throughout the entire cannon of scripture.  The Vine is representative of God.  In fact, the fifteenth chapter of John is all about The Vine, which is God.  Read that chapter for more great spiritual insight.

Just like a plant cannot live and grow without receiving vital nutrients from its vine; man, cannot be physically or spiritually alive without the presence and power of God who is The Vine.  Therefore, it is not a question of fermented wine or unfermented wine as in speaking of an actual drink, but this verse specifically relates to a personal relationship with God who is The Vine or supplier of the vital ingredient such as the “heavenly wine” of eternal life.

The righteous and holy nature of God does not ever mix (it is like oil and water) with fermentation or yeast, more commonly known as alcohol.  Thereby making an interpretation of a vine involving a fermented beverage in this verse null and void.

God is The Vine.  His perfection and power are essential for physical and spiritual life.  A personal relationship with God is a perpetual connection to a natural and spiritual life-giving vine.

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