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Los Angeles, Stars, Dragons, & Cigarettes

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Los Angeles, Stars, Dragons, & Cigarettes

Text: Revelation 12:1-9 (see also Luke 10:18)

  As you know by now, I like to have fun in our Bible studies and present, from time to time, some things that you might not see. Keep our texts in mind all through this lesson. Also, do not, NOT read the listed passages. If you do, you will miss some of the most amazing things yet, in your Bible. You MUST see that your AV1611, King James Bible, tells where all this stuff comes from and did 2000 years before it ever hit the big screens!

  Did you see in our texts the mention of Satan, a red dragon, horns (wonder where Hellywood and the world got their idea of a red devil with horns?), and “stars” being dragged with him as he was thrown out of heaven? Where did he land? In the earth! Stars… in earth? Who has ever heard of such a thing? Note also that this passage clearly defines Satan as the enemy of Israel, the woman in verse 1-2. By the way, Pharaoh tried to stop things pertaining to Israel in Exodus 1:16, didn’t he?  Kill all the boys? How about when Jesus was born, too? Kill all the boys again? But I’m off the subject.

   Most of the New Age is Eastern mysticism. Did you know they have a GREAT fascination in the far east… with dragons? Sure do! So has man for a long time! You know, that medieval stuff, slaying dragons with magic swords and magic powers… often given by a “good witch” or “good Master of Wisdom?” Merlin? Everything comes from somewhere! Look at Job 41:1, Psalms 104:26, and NOW Jeremiah 51:34, & Ezekiel. 29:3. And how about that fire and smoke coming out of the mouth and nose (Neesings = Nose) of that leviathan, dragon character in Job 41:19-21? Now I wonder where all this stuff comes from?  Hellywood loves it!  Now, back to Leviathan.

   Fire and smoke from the mouth and nose? Ever see a person smoking cigarettes? Just my strange mind. Ever see the Hellywood movies about dragons, or a comic book, on them, OR see the fascination they have in the Far East with dragons breathing fire? What is their religious base again? Mysticism? Lastly here, look at 1Samuel 2:12-13. Priests of Belial (the devil, Satan, Lucifer) and, my, O my, they had three-pronged “fleshhooks” or pitchforks. Did I hear a chuckle?

   Now, the revisers and many commentators on the new versions of the Bible will tell you that leviathan was a crocodile. Really? There has NEVER been a crocodile, in the real world OR Hellywood make up world, that breathed fire and smoke. They have dragons, though! And lastly on this, read Job 41:4. That old dragon’s man, at the end of time, WILL make a covenant with Israel, won’t he? Do you know that Job is a typology of Israel? Who persecutes Job? Satan. Who comes after Israel in Revelation. 12? Satan? Who makes and then breaks a covenant with Israel in the end, the dragon-man (Daniel 9:27)! My, my, my, what a Bible! But wait, there’s more. Read Job 41:11. You HAVE to see this one.

   WHY would God be mad at, and repay a crocodile, in the end? Reading all of Job 41 there are numerous verses that clearly show that this is a reference to Satan, the old dragon! Also, Psalms 74:14. Heads? Plural? (Didn’t that Satan/dragon in Revelation 12:3 have multiple heads?) Note: other commentators will say leviathan there (Psalm 74) speaks of sea monsters. Well, so does Hellywood.   ….Lastly, read Isaiah 27:1. Serpent? Leviathan? Revelation 12? WHY would God punish a crocodile, OR a mystical, non-existent sea monster? People for a long time believed in sea monsters, and that they were probably the devil, and were often in the form of a fire breathing dragon. Where did all that come from? Their Bible… and Satan himself! See Isaiah 51:9, Psalm 74:13-14, Jeremiah 51:34 (Nebuchadnezzar is a typology of the antichrist), Ezekiel 29:3, Revelation 13:2-4, & 16:13. Everything God says He is going to do… to leviathan, is what He will do to Satan and the antichrist in the end. Some coincidence!

  Just a side note- did you know that on the new Windows 8, the items that come up on the right of the screen, when you move your arrow over there are called “charms.” My strange mind again!   Now back to… the stars.

  Hellywood, (and I repeat here for emphasis) as mentioned in the last lesson, is in the middle of Los Angeles, city of Angels. Now, I don’t think any of that naming stuff, or connection is a coincidence! Call me strange, but I just don’t! The devil has his hand in much more of what is going on in this earth than what we often give him his due for! Is it not also Hellywood that has tried to mock at the existence OF the devil? Cartoons are dangerous to your children, folks! So are all these super heroes in comic books and movies now! Internet and games, too! Better keep your children away from that evil garbage! I make no apologies for that! I experienced something years ago, when I was not walking close to the Lord while playing one of those computer games, and I IMMEDIATELY stopped and totally erased the game from my computer!

   Ever think about the fascination man has with these Hellywood “stars?” Like they have some special kind of magnetism or attraction.. or power? What exactly is it? I believe it is spiritual! How many faint in their presence or swoon at their faces? Some said when they got close to Hitler, they fainted at his presence or his touch, too. O, how they shine at their galas.. on the red carpet!

  Now, look at Rev. 22:16. Jesus is mentioned as the “bright and morning star.” Did you know that in the new versions of the Bible they have taken that description, exclusively given to Jesus, and applied it to Satan/Lucifer, and confused the two (changing Isaiah 14:12 to the same, where the Bible clearly speaks of Lucifer/Satan)? Sure do. I wonder why, or who might be behind all of that? Could it be? You better believe it! Read Isaiah 34:4. Host… be dissolved? Host is beings. Stars… hosts? Interesting. Now, what did Jesus hold in his hand in Revelation 1:20 & 2:1, again? Stars… that were angels? Look at Job 1:6. WHO was in their midst? My, my! Now a recap.

   New versions mix Satan up in Isaiah 14:12 (son of the morning) and Ezekiel 28, with Jesus Christ in Revelation 22:16.  Did you know Luciferians believe Lucifer to be Jesus’ brother? And if you have any doubts as to who it was in Revelation 12 that was cast out, read Ezekiel 28:11-19.

 … .Satan has always wanted to be the star of this earth, and get worship and counterfeit Jesus Christ. WHY do they hate this King James Bible and want to relegate it to obscurity?  Never mind, I figured it out!

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