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Love Not

June 11, 2021

Love Not

1 John 2:15 (KJV) Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

This “not” or negative direction might be harder to swallow for some because this verse tells us to love not things of this earth.  Many today see God as one who loves anything and everyone, and there is no limitation or constraint to what we can place our affections upon on this earth.  Yes, to some, God’s love is like a modern glue that holds everyone together despite their choices and lifestyle, except if one follows God’s direction recorded here in this verse, we are to separate from things of this earth and to love them, not. 

What, you might say? God tells us to love not the world.  Yes, the world lies in dissenting spiritual alignment to the nature of God.  Indeed, the world is at one end of the spiritual spectrum, as God stands eternally tall on His end, but this wicked earth lies in opposition marred by sin and corruption and leads to death and destruction.

God tells us not to align ourselves with the things of this world, for things of this earth, whether it be people, places, or objects, are corrupt and only temporary. They will not satisfy any soul in the long term.  Yes, though things on this earth can seem appealing, thrilling, and just what we need at the moment, God instructs us to cling to Him and to serve and savor Him and to giving no thought to the attractiveness of this world.  The god of this world, who is satan himself, continually vies for our attention and interest in an attempt to pull us away from revering and following God, but we can choose God and to resist the wickedness at work in this world.

Each soul spiritually regenerated by God place Him first and foremost and realize that this world’s things are foolish and fleeting. We dare not put our trust and affection on the things of this earth but allow God to direct and oversee our path in this wicked world, for only He will fully satisfy.

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