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Man Can Be His Own Worst Enemy

May 27th, 2017

Man Can Be His Own Worst Enemy

Acts 10:34-35 (KJB)   Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:  35 But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.

God loves all mankind.  He does not choose to save some and not others.  The Bible speaks of His inexhaustible love in 1 Timothy 2:4 saying “Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.”

Yes, it is God’s desire for all men to be saved.  That includes the habitual liar, the adultery, the drunk, the poor, the rich, the Sodomite, the spiritually wounded soul.  God does not pick and choose spiritual favorites or deny His unconditional love to any man.

It is always mankind who chooses to ignore God and walk away from Him.  Mankind can be his own worst enemy.  It is he who entertains thoughts and desire of division and strife by choosing discriminately or finding favor with whom to accept and whom not to accept, based solely upon faulty human reasoning.  This kind of imperfect division is never a part of the holy and righteous character of God who has the best spiritual intention reserved for the hearts of all mankind.

God’s cohesive spiritual favor always seeks to unite men and women in spiritual bliss rather than seeking division and strife for pitting men against men.  His “spiritual glue” works in both relationships with mankind and in relationships with nations in this world.

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