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Many Sin Hardened Hearts

August 23rd, 2019

Many Sin Hardened Hearts

Revelation 9:21 (KJB) Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

The word repent seems to make little or no difference in our society, having little or no meaning whatsoever today among lost hearts.  It is not enough for a person to know about God, or desire to know Him, attend church, or simply be a good and moral person and in choosing to treat others with love and respect.

You see, without genuine heart repentance towards God and choosing to agree with God about the nature of sin, a heart remains both spiritually lost and hardened towards the nature of sin.  What does this mean?  Any heart which has not repented is not in right spiritual standing with God and instead naturally prefers imitating the nature of the god of this world.

This succinct verse presents four areas, from a potential spiritual buffet of popular and palatable sin found working in this world:

Murderers – This kind of sin can be at work by word and deed.  Not only is murder pointing to heinous brute taking of physical life, but it can be a spiritual sin at work in the heart by a person having an ungodly heart attitude towards another.

Sorceries – This kind of occultic iniquity has roots in ancient Babylon.  It can involve potions, magic, enchantment, divination, and witchcraft.  Even the dark spirit behind the push to legalize marijuana by civil law can be considered tied to the ancient medical sin of sorcery.

Fornication – This word refers to sexual sin in regard to any sexual activity between unmarried persons, or simply put, sexual relations before marriage. It is also considered fornication in a sexual relationship in adultery when a spouse is involved with an unmarried person.

Theft – It is the taking of another person’s property, whether it be physical, material, or intellectual in nature, without permission or absent the owner’s knowledge.  This kind of stealing is often done in a sneaky or roundabout way, without using violence or force, which upgrades it to robbery.

As you can see, in studying this verse, a person can better understand the unrepentant or unapologetic nature of sin at work in many hearts in this world. Including acts of illicit sex, immorality, use of illicit drugs, the act of murder, as these areas widely prevalent both then and in our world today and there is a need for many to repent of their sin and seek God.

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