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Mercy Not Sacrifice

August 13th, 2019

Mercy Not Sacrifice

Matthew 12:7 (KJB) But if ye had known what this meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, ye would not have condemned the guiltless.

Jesus is speaking about the law.  The purpose of God’s Law is not to be a burden but a blessing.  The Law is not about following rules.  It is about God extending unlimited mercy and grace in fulfilling His Law in regenerated hearts.   God’s Law is not about our need to sacrifice shed blood sacrifices as was required in the Old Testament but the Law of God is useful in pointing to Jesus Christ’s perfecting blood which was shed on Calvary as payment in full for sin, amen!

You see, some people like to use God’s Law as wielding a bat at another soul.  They swing for the fence in pointing to another’s sin.  Just like the men who confronted the sinning woman caught in the act in John chapter four, they planned for hitting a home run.  However, they ended up striking out with God.

What do I mean?  Some people pitch The Law of God like a weapon in their condemnation of sinners.  While at the same time, they cannot stick to the many facets of the Law in their own life, hypocrites!

You see, God says if a person breaks even one law, he has broken them all and that all mankind is not able to keep the law in their own human weakness.  The Law is useful in pointing to the problem of sin and to the eternal solution, God.

The Law of God is not about keeping a set of rules.  It is not about condemning a sinner, or discipline in following the law, so much as it is about pointing to the work of the mercy and grace of God, given without merit, so a child of God can be found perfect, without condemnation, and flawless before God.

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