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Murder is Murder

January 21st, 2019

Murder is Murder

Exodus 20:13 (KJB) Thou shalt not kill.

Imagine if the millions of babies murdered by abortion could come back to life to personally participate in a march to oppose their own murder and collectively all abortions. If they could personally call on politicians in Washington for seeking a change to existing laws allowing for the killing of innocent babies performed as a procedure, it would be a vast sea of lives honoring both God and life.

Perhaps teenagers who desire to be a part of the political process, especially those who gather to march in Washington with the purpose of protecting young lives by pushing for changes to existing gun laws, could start instead with the root of the problem of devaluing life.

IF any concerned citizen, be it a teen or an adult, took the time to do the applicable math, abortion kills far more lives than guns ever will.  Abortion is the number one killer, snuffing out the lives of the next generation before they can be born into this world.

No, sorry, protecting and saving ALL LIVES from murder, whatever the cause of their death, is not popular or palatable for many political agendas. Sadly, until concerned and convicted hearts of man understand that ALL lives are precious.  That all lives originate from God, The Creator of life, murders of any sort will naturally not stop or be reduced in number.

Gathering crowds holding signs and demanding change will have no effect on murder and mayhem in this world.  At its root, it stems from a wicked leaning heart condition.  Only A reverence for God and spiritual agreement with Him about the nature of sin will usher in eternal respect of God, life, and a true understanding of sin and death.


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