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New Age Bibles #1

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

New Age Bibles #1

Read Gen. 3:1-7, Ps. 12:6-7 & Matt. 24:35

   This is a really touchy subject these days. Folks get defensive on this one. And, I understand where some of them are coming from, as they have not really had a series of lessons showing changes side by side, and revealing the omissions, discussing them in light of New Age-ism, AND going over the written statements by two of the main founders of all new age versions, Westcott and Hort. I get it that if the facts have not been taught, there is just a seemingly constant attack! I hope that this, and the upcoming series on Bible Versions, will be light, and help all to see the facts. Now, some also say you are attacking them if you say anything about the new versions of the bible. We get it from chaplains in the prisons all the time! I will be brief here. As always, please look up each verse listed to see the differences for yourself.

   First, I am NOT attacking individuals who use them, except when like John MacArthur, and others they go out of their way to get rid of the AV1611. I am attacking the words in the new versions (or those missing with no explanation), ALONG WITH the men and women who sat, and sit on the revision boards! (I have yet to read ANYwhere in the Bible where God convened OR CONDONED boards to revise and change His Word!) Where were those who, after a while, changed the law given to Moses? Did they take words out? Why? Did God suddenly fall down, or go to sleep, or go on vacation, OR stop protecting His word(s)? Just a thought.

   Next, if Satan attacked what God said, in the Garden, in Genesis 3, right off the bat, what makes anyone think he is not still doing the same thing? And, if he can accomplish the same thing now, wouldn’t he…. in printed form?

   In Genesis 3, in the Garden, he did NOT come right out and tell Eve what he was doing, did he? IF he can get away with it, he will do it! WHY do we think he has changed OR won’t try to be as subtle and slick as he was then?

   I’ll probably repeat myself later, but why wouldn’t he want, or get, a “bible,” accepted by folks, and then keep making more and more changes so that it WAS in line with new age, pantheistic, polytheistic false doctrines? It is the AV1611 Bible, in English, that stands out over the history of the world, that we must see was brought into the world at the time when English was becoming the global language. And, it has affected the world! IF IT IS CHANGED, or done away with, with this shifting, sand-based, non-foundation for truth stuff, what a loss to the entire world, and what an advantage for the one-world government, the devil, and new agers! The light is going out in the world!

   Next, did he, or did he not, tell her that death was a myth, God lied, and if she ate of the forbidden fruit, she would be as “gods?” Does any of this, now, sound even remotely like New Age? WHY, and HOW do folks… good folks, think Satan acts any different today than he did then? What he attacked FIRST, was what God said… God’s Word(s). WHY would he be any different now? IF HE COULD get watered down, altered, gap-riddled, new versions out there, in people’s homes and hands, why wouldn’t he? Is he any less subtle, or any less a deceiving liar today than then? I submit he’s just had 5000+ years to perfect his “craft.”

   Now, this will not be an all-inclusive lesson on the subject. If it were, it would be about a 90 part lesson! I hope it alerts you to what is going on! 

   IF Satan/Lucifer (light bearer) could get into the hands of Christians and preachers, versions of the Bible they hold dear, that is changed and shot full of holes, without them seeing that they ARE full of doctrinal holes, would he not do it? And if he started to, would he not overtime, keep revising the revisions to make them more and more open to a new age doctrine? What better way than this? Psalms 11:3  If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? He knows he will not be able to just come out and say what he is doing, so this is the way he resorted to. Which brings us right back to Genesis 3. And, if he could get men (and women) to sit on the revision boards, and claim to be Christians, who admittedly do NOT believe in the core doctrines we believe in, and churn out bibles, year after year, that WITH each passing year, have more and more holes in them, and then get them accepted by Christians and preachers, would he not do it? Is that not what he has done? Please read  2Cor. 11:3, 14, Gal. 1:8, Rev. 12:9.  2 Cor. 2:11  Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. Or are we???

   I’ve said this in the full-size lessons of CBBI, but perhaps not in the mini-lessons; There are a precedent and principle in Ex. 34:1. GOD would rewrite the tablets Moses broke. See the principle? Look at Ps. 119:89 & Matt. 24:35. WHO in Ps. 12:6-7 does the preserving? God does… NOT man!  How long? And does He say He will keep the ideas or thoughts? NO! The “WORDS.” Did God fall down and lose them? Did he go to sleep, and someone steals them? And if God is going to judge man, for what He (God) has said, and told man, HOW can God do that IF the word(s) were lost or changed over time. The new bibles are NOT the same words as the AV1611, King James. They are different. Words and whole verses missing, altered on the doctrine of judgment, salvation, death, heaven and hell, and Jesus Christ. There are more, but those apply to the New Age lie that Satan is promoting!

   Last, I have had folks say that the new versions are not that much different! Really? Is Jesus THE Son of God or “A” son? If “A” is allowed, then Lucifer COULD BE his brother! One word and one letter different! And what it is that Luciferians believe? New Agers believe? Lucifer… the god of light? Not Jesus? How about bibles that allow for it and are not specific about Jesus and His Deity? Sin? Death? Judgment? Salvation? Heaven? Hell? The Godhead? Reincarnation? What if they could get verses and passages changed to allow for another savior? Another light-bearer? Karma? The cosmic spirit? Is any of this that vague in the AV1611? It is in the other versions, and it has been progressive in its dimness.

   Does man die and then have judgment (Heb. 9:27), or is reincarnation and karma the truth? Change or take out those verses, subtly, and you GET New Age bibles that allow for New Age, damnable, heretical doctrines (of devils; 1Tim. 4:1). Ye shall not surely die… ye shall be as gods. Sound familiar? Is Jesus THE way, or is He one of several? Is He THE truth, or just a cool teacher? Is He the life, or just a reincarnation of a former good teacher? IF Satan could get your Bible changed, and get you to not even see it, he has got you without ever taking you away from your church! And it has been progressive with each new version! More changed and taken out. And if the devil can’t get people one way, he’ll try another, and another! Now, here is another project. PLEASE do NOT omit this one. If you do, you will miss the truth of what I’m saying.

   Read the following verses and leave out or change the word in parenthesis, and see what you get: Jn. 1:1 (add “a” before the last God. The word was A god; see it change? MANY gods, as in New Age?).

   Read Rev. 22:16. It speaks of Jesus. Now… Isaiah 14:12, a verse about Satan/Lucifer (change “son of the morning” to “morning star” THAT gives Lucifer the same name as Jesus is given in Rev. 22. Teaching New Age again? Sure is! NOW there are two that look alike! And some versions completely TAKE OUT Lucifer in Is. 14)

   Now, remember their “the One?” New Age teaches the coming of “the One.” But it isn’t Jesus Christ. Theirs is the final reincarnation of a Master. What if your Bible was changed, to where it takes out Jesus, and inserts, “the One?” Is that OK? Is is innocuous or innocent? Is it without consequences? What if it is here and there… at first, and then in a later revision, of the revision, of the revision, it is in more and more places? Whoa! Would Jesus or God the Father approve of such things? And, I ask again, is anything in your Bible, about Jesus that vague? Look at some here. Change Jn. 6:46 from “he” to “the One;” Jn. 7:18 from “his” to “the one;”  Jn. 15:21, Acts 7:38 & 22:9, all also change it the same way!      …..Finally, the NKJV omits the word “Lord” (referring to Jesus) 66 times, God 51 times, heaven 50 times, repent 44 times, blood 23 times, hell 22 times, JEHOVAH entirely, damnation entirely, devils entirely.  They change Lord, to The One, Holy Spirit to spirit, omit “by grace,” omit “through his blood,” change hell to grave, change “the gospel of Christ” to A gospel, THE door, to A door (allowing for multiple ways to heaven), THE word… to a message. See openings anywhere?

Jer. 23:30 Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that steal my words every one from his neighbour.

    For those who want to see more, here are more:

Jn. 1:18- changed from only begotten Son to only begotten god (also in the JW version); Matt. 12:6 changed from “one greater than the temple (referring to Jesus) to SOMETHING greater than the temple’ 12:41, from A greater than Jonah to SOMETHING greater than Jonah; 12:42 from A greater than Solomon, to SOMETHING greater than Solomon; Heb. 1:3 from image of his person, to a representation of his nature; and I could give you literally ten pages of this. It is subtle, but when set next to the AV1611 it is clear that they are creating holes for false doctrine, allowing for New Age teachings of the universal spirit, Jesus being nothing more than a higher evolved “master,” and the entrance of their final GRAND Master, their Avatar, their Peace child, the antichrist of Revelation.

  Now, a few more things on “Monogenes.” (The “Only Begotten” attacks) The Greek word preceding Son or God is always monogenes, a two-part word. Mono being only or one, and genes being begotten, born, come forth, or from one genetically, as in the genes of the Father in a child. This is very important to understand AND see how it is changed in the new versions. Thus Heb. 1:3 & Col. 2:9 are critical, as are all others where the phrase “only begotten” appear. All must remain untouched, unchanged, and intact to connect with all others for the complete shield of truth and doctrine! Let me give you more.

   Buchsel, in his definitive treatise on the meaning of the word monogenes, said, “It means… only begotten.” Of course, it does, because THAT does away with the false teaching of the new age that there are evolving Masters, who have esoteric wisdom, beyond that of other humans, and teaching a final Grand Master will come who will bring world peace.  Do you see it? Now…..

  All interlinear Greek-English New Testaments translate it AS such- Only begotten. However, most new VERSIONS translate it wrong. Why? Because they want a private interpretation allowing for their satanic man to rule! The NIV and other versions leave it UNtranslated in Jn. 1:14, 15, 3:16, & 3:18, Heb. 1:6, 11:17, & 1Jn. 4:19. Thus you’ll see “only son.” NOTHING about Jesus is that vague, folks. Vague… is very open! (only son- LB; one and only Son- NIV; unique Son, RV, to name a few) Add to this now the following:

   [He] Jesus, is the unique Son of God… but there have been lots of others like him… he was a guide, and I can be just like him (New Ager)  The only Son, Jesus is mankind’s Savior. The second advent of Jesus is in Korea (Rev. Moon) The Spirit of Eternity is One…

God the Mother is omniscient… [T]he only son is Jesus Christ, and Christ is Love. (The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ) Further…

   The Holy Spirit did NOT beget the Son (Edwin Palmer [Calvinist], who sat on the revision board of the NIV. He [the Son] was NOT begotten of the Holy Spirit (Mormon Doctrine). By obedience and devotion, He attained to the pinnacle… He is greater than all others by reason of his unique status (Mormon Doctrine) [He} is a special unique Son… He is unique in several ways… They all relate to his assigned role and function. (New Age) Christ is then a glorious Being belonging to the great spiritual hierarchy (Anne Besant, New Age writer; But remember, they teach that we ALL can become a Christ!) Now see this…

   Jn. 1:13 & 30 He… is preferred before me (AV1611); He has a higher rank than I (NASB) Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec (Heb. 7:17; AV1611). Only to Christ he said- you are a priest forever with the rank of Melchizedeck (Living Bible) Most New Agers believe that Christ is NOT a man…. but an office, or spiritual state, just like Eastern Mystic religions (Hindu, etc.) It’s a higher consciousness that all can attain to! WHY THEN do new versions have this stuff in them? Now, Westcott said, “One, truly man, fulfilled a divine office, that [is] Jesus.” Do you know how many new versions take from his revisions and writings? Almost all of them! New Age says, “In the esoteric tradition, the Christ is NOT the name of an individual but of an office in the hierarchy.” WHY is this allowed for in new versions???

   The new versions are out there to sell Bibles (merchandise; Ezek. 28:16) and to progressively numb people into accepting newer versions that are worse than the first revisions. I have researched near 1,000 critical verses, in the other versions. That is where my KJV Bible Debate series is coming from. Lord, Jesus, and Christ are taken out. Blood is taken out. Verses are changed, and totally taken out. Manuscripts used by false teachers in the first churches AND rejected by them are being used along with the writings of men who never believed in the Deity of Jesus in the first place, and MANY other core doctrines. I don’t want that stuff. It is not pure.  Comparisons don’t lie! Their own words…. are out there and they don’t lie when laid side by side with the AV1611. The new ones open the doors for teaching other doctrines, including New Age because the ‘translators’ OF them DO believe that stuff. They say so, and their words prove it! I’ve read them. Jesus Christ is not ‘A’ saviour; he is ‘THE’ Saviour. There is no other way and no other truth. There can never be two things that contradict each other, and both be truth. I’m sorry if that offends anyone, but it’s time we looked full-faced at all the truth.

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