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New Age Core Teachings

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

Read Psalm 100:2 & Genesis 3:1-5

   The designs of Lucifer/Satan in this world are clear. He suggested to Eve the very things New Agers espouse. Since Eden, he has taken them much further. You see, New Age is really not new at all! Here are more definitions, beliefs, and descriptions of this global, Satanic, occult: (all direct quotes from David Cloud: New Age tower of Babylon)

   (They say) The Bible is not true. God is everything and everything is God (Pantheism AND Polytheism). Man is God or has the capacity to become God. Man is autonomous and does not need the Christian God. Man is not a lost sinner, is not estranged from God, and there is, therefore, no judgment apart from karma (Cosmic payback). Guilt is not real and therefore, can be ignored. (Hang on, it gets worse) Watch this……..

   Man is special and has entered the world for a unique foreordained purpose created by past life experiences and his/her evolutionary destiny. (From where… MARS?) (All of this is akin to the “familiar spirits” mentioned in Leviticus 19:31, 20:6, Exodus. 22:18, Deuteronomy. 18:10-12, 1Samuel. 28:7-9, Isaiah 19:3, & 29:4).

   Further, they teach True wisdom, and enlightenment, are esoteric (hidden, which is occultic). Mysticism is the most effective “channel” for spiritual enlightenment and world transformation. (Where have we heard that last word before?). Man can follow his own heart (no, see Jeremiah 17:9) Death is not to be feared E. Tolle says,

The most sacred thing in life is death… death is only a form of dissolving (and evolving by other new age writers). Death is the opening into the dimension of the “transcendent.” (Stillness Speaks) What that teaches folks is that there is no judgment by the True God, and then men and women die in their sins and go to hell! New Age is a damnable, damning heresy, period! See 2 Peter 2:1.

   Further, they teach- Reincarnation is the process of man’s evolutionary spiritual progress as he moves through the cycles of life, which depends on his karma. Christ is NOT one person identified with the historical Jesus but is an AWARENESS or CONSCIOUSNESS or high evolutionary office someone achieves. The Christ is a spiritual presence or cosmic principle. Really! Do you see the damnable heresy thing here? Have no Bible or one with holes in it, and this is plausible over time.

   They teach that their christ takes many forms and names. He may have been Buddha, Hermes (he causes soars on your lips, by the way), the christ is in all of us, and some just rise to more prominence… and world power. (Uh, oh, I’m getting the scent of something here!) They teach that we are entering into a new age where man has the opportunity to recognize his divinity (sound like Genesis 3 yet?), man can rise to a new level of spiritual evolution, and solve the world’s problems and bring global peace. (Yep, I thought I smelled that rat!)

   NO religion can claim to be the ONLY truth. To attain world peace and SOCIAL JUSTICE for all humans, dogmatism, negativity, and separatism MUST BE ELIMINATED and rejected, and we can then learn to live in harmony (Thank you, John Lennon). Let’s give an invading enemy a flower, and he’ll put down his gun!

   This brings us to Rick Warren and Chrislam; the merging of Islam & Christianity. The Dalai Lama (NOT the Dollie Parton) is an often quoted person also! Now…. see this.

   Highly evolved spirit “masters” assist mankind’s evolution. They are known as the School of the Masters, the Venerable Brothers, Ascended Masters, Paradise Sons, and other new-age terms. Napoleon Hill, Alice Bailey, and Elizabeth Claire Prophet (I didn’t make up her name) are renown teachers of these “arts and crafts.” Now, I want you to stop here and read Daniel 8:23-27 & Acts 19:24-27. (“Craft” trickery; deceit, fraud; evil)

  They also teach that the savior that all religions are looking for is… the same person, and he will SOON appear to unite mankind, and solve all the world’s problems. No thanks. (see 2 Thessalonians 2:1-10, Daniel 7:25, 1John. 2:18, & Revelation 13:11-18. NOW see 1 Timothy 4:1-3, 2 Timothy. 3:1-3, & 4:3-4.) Folks, we are living in the days of what these men wrote about. We MUST witness and stand on, and for, the Word of God as absolute truth. If not me, who? If not now, when? Let’s continue..

   They say that in religion, the East (Hinduism, Buddhism, mystic arts, Shamanism) is more enlightened than the West (Christianity). New Age interprets the Bible as allegorical and not literal; pacifism and disarmament are necessary to bring about world peace (remember All You Need is Love by the Beatles, and other J. Lennon songs such as Imagine? Remember the hippies?) They believe that a one world government is desirable and want to empower the U.N. to the enth degree. In 1955 Alice Bailey wrote, “Within the United Nations is the germ and seed of a great international and meditative reflective group– a group of thinking and informed men and women, in whose hands lies the destiny of humanity.” (Discipleship in the New Age, P20) The Lucis Trust and it’s World Goodwill organization have NGO status with the UN. Hindu guru Sri Chinmoy said, “The United Nations is the chosen instrument of God.” I’m about to puke! What about the Bible and the church? Now they further, they say….

   The earth is our mother, (Gaia) and must be revered and protected (thus the ecology movement); They use terms like Spaceship Earth (Buckmaster Fuller). They say that UFOs are real and might be higher life forms come to aid man in his evolutionary spiritual journey. Barbara Marx Hubbard calls them “God-force men” and says they will become man’s “co-creator of our future.” They also believe that the traditional family is a relic of the past; enlightened New Agers encourage a new definition of the family, which includes communalism (Hillary) and homosexuality. (See any of this in TV & government lately?) Read Galatians 1:8-9 here.

  Folks, I fear that Christians have too long been uninformed about what is going on and may not believe that much of the spirit world exists or has that much a part in what is going on. Tho we can’t attribute everything to the spirit world (for man’s heart and old nature are a great part of it) there IS much going on that is evil spirits. We live in exciting times, and we must witness and pass out gospel tracts. The Word of God will do the work (Romans. 1:16). Build up yourself in your most Holy faith (Jude 20) and stand on and for the Bible. We are NOT to live in a shell and be unaware or afraid! (Ezekiel. 33 & Jude 4)

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