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New Age – L02 – Education Infestation

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

New Age –  L02 – Education Infestation

Read Deuteronomy 4:9, 6:1-15, Psalm 78:1-6, & Ephesians 6:4

  Much of these first lessons will seem like one long introduction. There is so much to this, and it is so mixed up that there must be a lengthy initial examination of the things that make it all up. With the texts above, please read Genesis 18:19, Proverbs 22:6 & Jeremiah 5:7. The training of children, who are not able to discern between truth and lies, is something that I fear most parents in this nation have fallen down on. All the way back in about 1979 or 1980, at an elementary school, they were trying to teach things about witchcraft and spells (you know, just non important little stories in books. You know, just for reading skills), to my boys. How far down that road are we now? What is going on in this lazy society, in schools NOW? It may not be as visible or pervasive here, now, as it is in say… California or New York, but SOME of it IS in there! I want you to see how pervasive in all of society and government this stuff is (and growing… unchecked). It is critical that we do not go through this life with our eyes closed, just stumbling along.

   Picture 25 normal first graders peacefully lying in silence on their classroom floor. It’s not a fire drill or air raid but part of a new curriculum. They are being guided through meditation in which they are instructed to imagine the sun radiantly shining toward them. They are then told to gaze into its brightness without being hurt by the light. Next, the children are asked to try to bring the sun down into their bodies and feel it’s warmth, power, and illumination. “Imagine you are doing something perfect,” the teacher told them, “and imagine that you are perfect.” The children were then told to see themselves as resplendent with light; they should feel at peace, for they are perfect. They are reminded that they are intelligent, magnificent and that they contain all of the wisdom of the universe within themselves.

   This exercise actually took place in a Los Angeles public school. The designer of the meditation, the late Beverly Galyean, desired to apply her FEDERALLY FUNDED “confluent education” to the masses of students who need an “expanded view of learning.” Now, in her own words…

   “Once we begin to see that we are all god, that we all have the attributes of god, than I think the whole purpose of human life is to re-own the godlikeness within us, the perfect love, the perfect wisdom, the perfect understanding, the perfect intelligence, and when we do that, we create back to that old, that essential one-ness which is consciousness.” Really? Where is Jeremiah 17:9; Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23; John 14:6? O, I see, the BIBLE is not ALLOWED! Let’s just keep teaching them they are nothing more than evolved animals and then wonder why they act LIKE animals!

  This woman is not an isolated case. The influence of New Agers in all of government on all levels, including the NEA, and is, outside of God, beyond stopping now. It has gone on so long, and has so much power, and so much influence with politicians, who are themselves either full-fledged New Agers, or sympathetic with them for a vote and money, that it has little resistance!

  I believe there are several reasons why it is moving so powerfully in our educational system. First, as mentioned, the hippies remained in college and got their degrees (including Masters and PhD), went to teach in both colleges and high schools, and have been teaching this junk to those who are themselves going out into government and educational areas, along with business, and others, and make up far more of the prevailing mindset than we can imagine. Second, New Age has a world view and what better place to get it across and in action than our youth? Third, it falls in line with the goals of the devil himself and suits his purpose well when it comes to world domination by his man! Got any ideas who he is yet?

   New Age teaches a world view that is eco-based. If we are awake, we can see it permeating the airwaves, magazine advertisements, government policies, and in our schools. Whether from Eastern religions, the occult (which a lot of new age is), the new psychologies, or the “frontier” theories of science (climate change), various ideas with a common theme are converging, all at the same time, powerfully, on all areas of our culture, pressing their way to the philosophical and ideological centers of all society. A new world view is no longer in the offing.. it is here! It is indeed a consciousness revolution that has been spawned by throwing God and the Bible out of government and schools. Textbooks are loaded with eco and new age world view teachings. All is one, we are all god, and our first-graders should know it, they say. The mind controls all- if we only use it! (How ’bout Genesis 6:5, Psalm 10:4, & Hebrews 4:12?)

  The false reality that they hope to bring into prominence is the “New Consciousness.” It is the new age of human fulfillment, which will bring in world peace. (And a lot of it is national disarmament) They say that the west has been locked in a one dimensional prison of archaic religious bigotry and darkness, and needs new enlightenment. We need the vitality of a universe of dancing energy. (I fail to see that anywhere in the Bible. If you have, let me know) The problems besetting the modern world- the threat of nuclear holocaust, world hunger, ecological devastation, and psychological breakdowns, are blamed on the old decaying Western Christian world view and an outdated perspective on life. Those sleeping must be awakened before sleep turns into death, which by the way is what this evil will eventually propose to all who oppose this awakening. (Like… Revelation 20:4, perhaps?)

   Now, I will repeat this in the next lesson for connection. SOME religion WILL both permeate government and then govern society. If it is not the Bible and belief in God and His Son Jesus Christ, it will be one of the devil. Cloaked and disguised, but of the devil. Erich Fromm, a prominent new age writer, speaks of changing the societal makeup and mindset. They sure are doing that! He says the question is not one of religion or not? But of which religion it will be that maps our future. He feels that the human species needs a “map of our natural and social world- a picture of the world and of one’s place in it.” This “frame of reorientation” is towards a one-world government, brought about by a new world view! Know who their man is going to be yet?

  I close by asking that you read 1Corinthians 2:12, 1John 2:18-23, & 4:1-6. New Age is the spirit of antichrist!   Knock, knock,  guess who is at the door, folks!

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