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New Age – L03B – The Coming One – Introduction (continued)

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New Age – L03B – The Coming One – Introduction (continued)

Psalm 2:1-3 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

   This world, and the god of it, has never loved or had any use for Jesus, God’s anointed, God’s only begotten Son, and it will reach a crescendo at the end OF this world! I urge you to read all of this Psalm 2, John 17, & Revelation 13.

   In our last lesson, we began to show you that the New Agers are looking for their “Coming One.” We will go more in-depth on him in later lessons, but I wanted you to have this firmly planted in your minds right off. This “Coming One” will be a New Age believer, the devil in the flesh, and he will be political, religious, and a military man. I say again; this stuff will NOT just fall out of the sky one day! Now, first to review some basic beliefs of New Age that impact the political and their man. (These are theirs)

  Christ is not a person, but a principle, a consciousness; THE Christ according to Benjamin Crème and Share International, is all things to all people, I.E., The Kalki Avatar, Sri Krsna, The Messiah, the Imam Mahdi, the Bodhisattva (Hindu), the Fifth Buddha, Maitreya Buddha, and the world Teacher. Others call him the Lord Maitreya, the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters and look for his appearance on the world stage SOON!

  His energies work through all people of “goodwill,” regardless of religious or philosophical beliefs. He will be the Universal Spirit released in the world and will bring all religions to unity. (Heard that before?)

  Lola Davis says the New Age Christ resides on a different plane of consciousness (Hold on to that statement well!) There he directs the “masters, a group of advanced souls, most of the discarnate… know variously as the White Brotherhood, The Great White Lodge, the Masters of Wisdom, Hierarchy, and Angels around the Throne. (Their words) They’re getting ready for the antichrist, folks!

  They say the word “Christ” is not the name of an individual, but of an office or function within the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters. This brotherhood dwells in Shambala; a heavenly region said to be physically on this earth in the mountains of Tibet (Encyclopedia of World Religions). The Christ is an energy or consciousness on which plane many in the past have risen, including Mohammad, Buddha, Jesus, and others. They say YOU are the Christ: Your OWN self god, or god-self; YOU are the eternal one; You are all things (M.S. Princess, Step By Step We Climb, pg. 127) Now… a Satanic confusion.

  Remember how we explained that the New Agers believe that Jesus was just a man who had reached a higher consciousness? In her book, Out On a Limb (Shirley MacLaine), there is a teaching about Jesus’ “missing years.” Because His childhood, teen years, and indeed up to His 30th birthday (see Lu. 3:23), were not recorded, we can guess as to what He was doing. THEY teach the following:

  “… those eighteen years were spent traveling in and around India, Tibet, Persia, and the Near East. He became an adept yogi and mastered complete control over his body and the physical world around him. [He] tried to teach the people that they could do the same things, too, if they got more in touch with their spiritual selves and their own potential power.” There is also much teaching in India about the life of Saint Issa, said to be the Indian pronunciation of Jesus, and that THEIR teaching proves, what Ms. MacClaine and her ilk teach. I won’t waste time and space on that one.

  Another major source of satanic confusing of Jesus with a coming Master, and denial of His teaching and Deity is the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was written by Civil War Army chaplain Levi Downing (1844-1911). His title page reads, “Transcribed from the Book of God’s Remembrances, known as the Akashic Records.” Note that occultists believe the physical earth is surrounded by an immense spiritual field known as Akasha in which there is impressed every human thought, will, and emotion. (Thus karma!) This guy says that after studying with Rabbi Hillel (a Jewish scholar) Jesus allegedly traveled to India where he spent years studying among the Brahmins and Buddhists. Jesus then supposedly became interested in studying in the East after Joseph (his earthly father) hosted Prince Ravanna of India. Ravanna supposedly said that HE MAY be the patron of the child; might take him to the East where he could learn the wisdom of the Brahms and that Jesus LONGED to go that he might learn from them. Jesus was finally granted permission to go and was accepted as a pupil in the Temple of Jagannath, where he learned the Vedas and Manic Laws. Are you seeing where this comes from, and where it is going? Further, they teach that Jesus learned the Hindu art of healing, became a student of Udraka, the greatest Hindu healer, and Jesus remained there until he learned from him all there was to be learned of the Hindu art of healing. Levi also says that Jesus went to Tibet, met with Meng-tse the greatest Eastern sage, and learned from the ancient sacred Tibetan manuscripts. Then he says Jesus went to Egypt and joined the Sacred Brotherhood at Heliopolis, passed through the 7 Degrees of initiation, and BECAME the Christ. Supposedly a voice was heard in the temple saying THIS IS THE CHRIST, and everyone said amen. Do you see the confusing of the Bible with Eastern mystic idolatry? See the attempt to catch non-believers AND weak believers in the trap? And do you see the stage being set for the One (who we know as the beast and Antichrist)? Now some statements by Edgar Cayce, a Luciferian that believed he could tell the future:

   Cayce said HE could READ the Akashic Record while in a trance. During his life, he gave a supposed 19,000 readings, of which 5,000 dealt with religious matters. From this Cayce said the person we know as the Christ had 29 previous incarnations (what about only Begotten Son?). These included being an early sun worshiper, the author of the Book of the Dead (whom Cayce could talk to), and authored the book of Hermes, who was supposedly the architect of the Great Pyramid. Jesus was also Zend (father of Zoroaster), Aemilius (an Atlantean), and other figures of ancient history. Jesus’ other incarnations included Adam, Joseph, Joshua, Enoch, and Melchizedek. Jesus’ soul did not become the Christ until his 30th incarnation- as Jesus of Nazareth. Cayce also said that the reason Jesus Had to go through so many incarnations is that, like all other human beings, Jesus had a Karmic debt (sin) to WORK off. (Look please at Heb. 4:15) Cayce further teaches that Jesus taught the prophecies of Judy (an Essene teacher) in her home at Carmel. Cayce also says that Jesus traveled to Egypt, India, Persia, Tibet, and others and learned the Eastern mystic religion, telepathy, astrology, healing, weather control, psychic arts, and on and on. It is also taught that Jesus taught various forms of pantheism and other total lies. WHAT ABOUT JOHN 17:8 and others?

  All of this makes clear the fact that we need to KNOW our Bible, KNOW that it is preserved, AND that it was, is, and always WILL be the Word of God, not made up fables, AND that John and Peter, for two, were WITH the real Jesus and saw Him resurrected, and ascended into Heaven.

  The New World Order NEEDS a religion to back itself up and SET itself up and get into the hearts and minds of the world. It has it….. and it is setting the stage for the beast!!!

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