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New Age or Old Lies – Foundational Info #1

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

  As with all other written papers and teaching, I will repeat things for good reason. One, because all of this is going to seem too bazaar, you will tend to brush it off as the ridiculous. Second, because OF the bazaar nature, it will seem so far out there as to be inconsequential. Third, because you will think that because of its bazaar nature, only a few kooks will be involved. That last one is the dangerous one because it is more invasive and pervasive than you can ever imagine. IF you read this through, you will SEE it in places that will awaken you to how strong it really is!

   To the point of how widespread it is, let me say that it has roots that have blossomed into a full-grown tree. That tree has yielded bad fruit because it has bad roots. And, the roots go all the way back to the Garden! What we have today, in this and other false religions, are adaptations of that original lie. As Pastor has said, Satan has had several thousand years to develop his “craft,” and expand the borders of his teachings and false doctrines. Let me describe something on that last one briefly.

   In the garden, he told Eve of what is later called “hidden” or “special” knowledge and wisdom. That is the exact foundation of what New Age teaches! It has just taken a long time to be perfected to fool people, and draw them in, AND to spread its branches in this nation. You see, up to about 1910, this nation held to the Old Book! In 1910 something happened that began to tear away the foundation of that Old Book, and a timeline of history carefully examined, and truthfully and honestly studied will reveal what that event was. The barrier was weakened. The churches weakened. The people weakened. The foundations were being destroyed, and here we are!

Now, if you are watchful, you cannot deny the rage and popularity of earth worship. The continued propaganda by the usage of the phrase “Mother Earth” is everywhere. It is in TV, Hellywood, government, the United Nations (U. N.), magazines, SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES, bumper stickers, jewelry, etc. (I have to vent here) Mother Earth my big toe. The earth is not your mother, you are Not just a higher evolved form of a flower (Eckhart Tolle; A New Earth; pgs. 1-5), and you are not going to merges into the great universal spirit, rather than die (same book), you are a being with a spirit, soul, and body (Gen. 2:7, 1Th. 5:23) with God-consciousness (the correct usage of the word, as opposed to the New Age perversion, and if you are lost you will die without Christ, and face a sinners hell, ALL of which they deny.. JUST LIKE GENESIS THREE, folks!

Now, back to our subject.      

Can you tell me what the basic doctrines and beliefs of Hinduism are? Buddhism? Pantheism? (now not the worship of Tupperware) YOGA? Krishna? Humanism? Communism? Socialism? Crystal worship?  You say, ah none of those matter. Yes… they do, and you are seeing their fruits all over the place. One of my relatives just got back from a month in India studying Hindu forms of YOGA to get her degree in it, to teach others. You see it in commercials on TV. You see it in magazines. You see it on books, in symbols. You see it in jewelry, which is nothing more than amulets and “charms,” to either symbolize the worship of some false deity OR keep away “bad spirits,” and call forth “GOOD spirits.” There is a store at the Richland Mall (and most others all over the nations) that SELLS that Hindu, voodoo, hoodoo junk. I’ve researched it, and that is EXACTLY what it is! They are openings into the mind, and a calling to that is behind them, into and on to your life! It is New Age! (Wait till we get into dragons)

   Now, what are their beliefs, what are their goals, and where are they sitting as far as power in the world?

   We will detail all of it more as we go on, but here is a quick guide.

   Their beliefs are a mixture of most false religions. A little of this, a little of that, a little Christian terminology, a perversion of Who Jesus Was, an addition of Buddha, Krishna, Hinduism, reincarnation, A LOT of Pantheism, some Socialism, A LOT of Gnosticism (hidden knowledge and wisdom), a good bit of YOGA, a lot of Humanism (and Hedonism, too), a mixture of Socialism and Communism, and crystal worship, dragon worship, one-world government leanings, and a slick but powerful promotion. It is a lot of things, to appeal to a lot of people, in a lot of ways. They are inclusive, EXCEPT for strong, Bible-based Christianity, and they are in some places that will curl your hair when I bring them to light.

What are their goals?

    Hang on to your hat, they WANT to bring in a one-world, NEW world “consciousness,” THAT brings in the final “jesus,” Buddha, Krishna, Avatar, Peace Child, one world consciousness guru, to rule the new world and bring it into unity of love, peace, planetary environmental worship, and eradicate the “old dysfunctionality,” of old beliefs, especially Christianity. (Eckhart Tolle; A New Earth; pgs. 5-7) Now, I want you to go back and read the last two paragraphs, and connect all the “isms,” and beliefs, TO their goals, AND THEN look around you. Look closely at TV, advertisements, And politicians. You need to re-read these last two paragraphs, before going on to where are they in their power and position. Now, their position and power.

Again, I will; repeat this for a reminder and emphasis, but the hippies of the ’60s did not just die. They didn’t go away. They went to college (a lot on our dime) and got high degrees. WHY is that important to know? AHA

  They GOT those degrees, MANY of them Doctorates, and went into… teaching… in other colleges. They brought with them their Hinduistic, Pantheistic, Socialistic ideology! THEN they began turning out people who thought like them, believed like them, wrote BOOKS like them, went into business and rose to the tops of MANY corporations, and went into politics! NOW, we are dealing with them by the thousands, in colleges, corporations, Hellywood, high schools, grade schools, AND in government, on all levels! Why, they are even IN…. the United Nations! (Wait till we get to THAT one)

   To close, let me go back to the top. This is going to sound like I’m making all of this up. I’m not. What I give you is both documented and admitted, and it is in their OWN WORDS! I have their books (probably 15 of them), and I have read through them. I have researched their own words online, too! They are pretty open about all of this.

As you read this series through ask yourself some questions: Do I see this all around me today? HOW did all of this get pointed to earth worship AND a new world order, or one-world government, at the same time? IS the devil in false religions And COULD he have gotten all of this together like this, IN lost blind people? ARE there politicians that are into this stuff? ARE they trying to influence the NATION in that direction? Is it in commercials? TV? Magazines? Hellywood? WHAT WILL BE the final one-world religion? HOW WILL we get a final one world leader? HOW WILL he be accepted? Why does God judge, ion the end, with SO MANY upheavals of nature?

    Folks, New Age, Hinduism, Pantheism, will not be ALL there is to the final one-world government, but it is GOING to be a pretty big part of bringing it IN! I believe that a lot of the judgments described in Revelation will be God judging nature and earth worship… just like back in Egypt!

**Resources and credit for information used in the writing of this post will appear collectively at the end of Foundational Information post #2 to be released soon.

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