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New Age or Old Lies – Foundational Info #2

Preserved Words Bible Studies, a Part of First Love Ministries Guest Post Series

     In 1Jn. 4:1-3 God tells us that we are not to believe every “spirit” but TRY the “spirits” because MANY “false prophets” are gone out into the world. We are taught that there is a Spirit of God and another “spirit” or “spirits” that are NOT of God. The way to tell the difference is whether they confess that Jesus Christ (of Nazareth and your Bible) is THE Christ, the ONLY Christ, and Saviour from sin and eternal damnation… or not. He further tells us that those who do NOT are “antichrist.”  Pretty clear. But He tells us to TRY the “spirits,” and we do that by the Word of God… and what they teach if we take the time to educate ourselves on what they teach and what they are up to! We live in the age of slothful Christianity and these “antichrist spirits” are taking in millions in their doctrines of deceit and false light, including Christians and politicians. Note also 2Pet. 2:1, 1Jn. 2:18, & Eph. 6 on this spiritual warfare.

  Next, I want you to think about this spiritual war. Do we really believe it is true? Do we see that there is an “antichrist spirit” that works in this world to damn people to hell, with what seems to them to be light and right? These are NOT just nice, misguided folks who mean well. They bring in damnable heresies while posing as light. What they espouse and teach, to the lost, is hip, trendy, cool, and swallowed hook line and sinker. WE have the TRUE Light and the ONLY Light that is salvation in Jesus Christ, the Light of the world. THEIR light is a FALSE light, and it is engulfing the world, with the aid of politicians who are co-opting their movement for political power, and ultimately the bringing in of THE antichrist. (See 2Cor. 1:14)

  I want you always to remember that what these new-age folks espouse IS a religion. It IS a belief system…. but it is a FALSE religion… that comes from the devil himself.

    Now, I have 2 more books to add to the list of source information (Seven Truths for a New Age; publ. 2011, & New Earth; Eckhart Tolle). Lawrence John Brown; Seven Truths: He is quite a slick and deceptive new age writer. He has a basic outline of what he feels are basic “doctrines” or beliefs of new age. I want you to see them, as I comment on them for your protection. This stuff is everywhere, and it is slick, subtle, and poisonous.

    He calls his writing “The Aquarian Manifesto.” I want to tell you here, that though this book was published in 2011, he WROTE it in the ’80s. You MUST see that this stuff goes way back. It has deep, old roots. I’ll repeat this again later, but class, it goes all the way back to the ’60s and hippies, free love, earth worship, flower power, pot, drug promoting music like The Age of Aquarius (The rock group, The 5th Dimension), so it is something that has been ripening for a long time. But, O the fruit we’re harvesting!

   Now, his chapter headings are 1. No one can own our Mother Earth. 2. God is present in the world, and there is no evil. 3. All things are conscious and are created with rights. 4. The physical universe was designed by non-physical beings. 5. The main purpose of government is protecting rights (notice the government angle to their movement). 6. There are too many people on Spaceship Earth. 7. Power tends to corrupt all who hold it. He has 3 addendums that we will touch on later.

  In his preface, he clearly outlines that he does NOT believe in the traditional God of Christianity and the Bible, and he does NOT believe that Jesus is the Savior, for he does NOT believe in real sin or judgment BY God, so you see where he is headed with the rest of his book.

   Now, let’s take a whirlwind trip through his book and see what he and other new agers really believe. I say again, to the lost it is hip, cool, trendy, and the in thing to do and believe.

  His preface calls Christianity a  myth. He aligns it with, believe it or not, atheism and evolution. He rejects all three. BUT… he espouses another god, that we will see later. He says, “each individual is responsible to the God within.” He tells us to tap our inner knowledge. (IF it doesn’t come from the Bible, folks, it is unreliable). He says that only with the heart can one see rightly, Where is Jer. 17:9 & Gen. 6:5-6? He also says that Jesus was NOT God’s only Son, but merely a spirit guide and a body that was fit to be a temple OF the Christ, or Universal Love. Sounding like a tumor on the religion of the hippies yet? He says Jesus lived according to the Aquarian Gospel, and only showed the potentials of man, and what men OUGHT to be. (Do our opening verses pop up here anywhere? Anti…. CHRIST? Denying Jesus? Spiritual deception?)

  Closing his preface he touches on… the environment (remember, he wrote this in the ’80s), poverty and economic inequality, starving people, international wars, and says that the roots of all our problems are in the Judeo-Christian beliefs. Uh oh. He hates capitalism and denies the Bible as the Word of God. SURPRISE! Hey Johnny, what’s behind door #2? He says that what HE teaches are the SEVEN TRUTHS that all men must acknowledge, and be brought into alignment with. (What about that “power” thing,  Mr. Brown? WHO is going to FORCE this ON people? Oh, I see, power is only good where YOU want it to be held! I get it now.) Now a look at his chapters.

    Chapter 1- takes us to… no borders. Seen or heard that lately out of politicians? NO national entities, WHICH brings us TO… United Nations control. My, my, my. Notice also the Mother Earth term. Please stop and look at Job 38:28. Hath the rain a  WHAT? A mother? Earth worship goes all the way back to the beginnings of Nimrod’s little government venture. It is aligned with the goddess Gaea.

   Chapter 2- is a direct slap in the face of the True God. I’ll cover a lot of it in later lessons but look at the part about “there is no evil.” How close does this align with Gen. 3? And, to digress, how much have you heard the term, “Mother Earth?” His “God is present in the world” slop is also not what it seems. HIS God is within every man and is a god to be attained by getting in touch with the “Universal Spirit” (there’s that spirit thing… IN THEIR WORDS, class! Remember 1John? THEIR WORDS.) HIS god is a myriad of “spirit beings,” WHICH, by the way, he says created the earth and universe. Kind of a hybrid false doctrine of creation. Genesis 3 comes to mind also? Be as… gods?

   Chapter 3- on consciousness, we’ll explain a lot more in a later lesson, but it is the inner knowledge, coming from getting in touch with the universal spirit. Not hardly.

  Chapter 4- goes to what I said he believes about spirit beings. He is a wack job, but the lost are eating this stuff up, folks. Spirit… BEINGS? 1John again here class?

   Chapter 5- is on government, and they want the government to BE… this new age force that gets all the world aligned with their teachings. Folks… THIS is the U.N. and the coming antichrist. Do you see it at work even now?

  Chapter 6- too many people on “Spaceship Earth.” This is serious, and it is being taken to lengths that include killing off unfit babies, abortion, letting the elderly die, population control, and on and on. Heard any of this lately out of D.C.? THIS is health care laws…. NOW! It is the hidden agenda OF the health care laws right now.  U.N. promoted!

 Chapter 7- on power, is all subjective to THEIR agenda AND the U.N. whom they CONTROL and love.

   ALL of this is of the devil. ALL of this is being brought in right under our noses and in front of our eyes, folks. And it is ALL a part of bringing in their “Peace Child,” “Coming Avatar,” or whatever they call the…. antichrist!     As was recorded in 3Jn. 4

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  • There are many other New Age sources and writers, but these are the main movers and power brokers. They have seminars, workshops, and a vast Online network. They are in every major university in the world, in every government in the world, and in the United Nations. Their beliefs and quotes are all over the printed world and the Internet. Their goals are no longer hidden or secret. Their design on a new world view/consciousness,  a new world order run by their “peace child,” is clearly stated. Sadly this has made its way into churches via fake Bibles and sleeping pulpits. I hope to sound an alarm.
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